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Economic analysis (compendium)

9.3. Otsіnka virobnichno-financial leverage

The process of optimizing asset structure and asset management by using a financial approach to financial analysis is called leverage . There are three different types of rosaries: virobnic, financial and virobi-financial.

A factorial model of a clean surplus can be lodged with the following rank:

PE = BP - BB - PV,

de state of emergency - a clean move;

BP - virus;

BB - virobnic vitrati;

FV - financial vitrati.

Vitrati of a virobic nature - that is, with a given package, vitrati of a virobiotic and realization of products, so as to have a private life. Substantially oversight of the virobnitz products and the price for posting and posting. The interruption between the objets of the virobnitz, the permanent and the winter vitrates is characterized by the indicator of the viral fever.

Violnichny leveridzh - the price of potentiality is possible to add to the side of the company with a whip of a winter structure of personal products and the cost of the opportunity for the VIP. Yo-yo rynverachut yak in kind of increase in gross margin P (%) (for the period before the payment of loans for loans and surcharges) to the rate of increase in sales for sale in natural units of intellectual-natural units Vрп (%):

SQ = Ο (%) / Vрп (%).

I’ll show the step of sensitivity of the gross margin to the total amount of money. If there is a significant increase in insignificant recession, however, there may be a slight increase in production of products and services. The greater visibility of the viral warrior is characteristic for the entertainment of the highest technological equipment of virobnitz. When there is technical equipment, a part of the permanent vitrates and the maximum number of days is needed. The sound of these steps makes it possible to step up the undetected viruses, which are necessary for the completion of the vitality.

Another warehouse formula for a clean surplus is іfinance_ vitrati (vitrati for servicing a borg). It’s stinky to lie down in the sum of the positivities and those parts in the foreign capital of the invested capital. The yak is meant to give the shoulder of the financial important (the corresponding pose and the capitals) we can bring the yak to the better, so to change the clean side.

I’m brainstorming for a couple of months and for those who are in vyshny and posichkovy capital of the warehouse, understanding the financial leverage. Financial leverage at the present time is marked as potential, you can put an oath on the side and a structure of a hairy and pozichichny capital on the side. Vin rozrahovovatsya such an order:

Cf.L. = ΧP (%) / P (%),

de PE - growth rate of net profit;

P - growth rate of gross margin.

Tsey koffitsієnt show, at skіlki razіv tempi increase in net profit surpass the temp increase in gross margin. Such a recession is to be secured for the crustacean effect of the financial important, one of the warehouses of a certain shoulder, and it is possible to pay as much as possible to a capless capital. Zbilshuyuchi but the shorter shoulder of the vazhel is fallow of the waking minds;

The growth of financial leverage is supervised by the step of financial lending, which is linked to the impoverished cost of payments for credit payments for pre-term loans. An insignificant amount of gross profit and profitability of invested capital in the minds of a high financial leverage can be brought to a significant amount of net profit, which is not negligible in case of a decrease in virobnitsva.

Yakshcho pіdprimstvo fіnansuє their dіyalіst tіlki for the bells and whistles of the highest cost, some of the financial leverage of the road 1, so that the effect of the important event. In this situation, a 1% gross margin of profit should be reduced to such an increase, but a change in net profit. With the growth of the parts of the posichichny capital, there will be a swing of the variability of the profitability of the vigorous capital, the number of financial leverage and the net profit. All the information about the financial step of investing with a high shoulder of an important building.

Virobichno -financial leverage is a zagalnyuyu indicator. Win є by the way of the virological and financial leverage. This is an indicator of the image of the haggard rhizic, of obligations for the mighty loss of clothes for the virology of the vitality and financial vitra of the servants of the old borg.