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Rhetoric - T. Gritsenko

Tipi Prom

Clear the tip of the prom for your internal structure and the other form, so for your own prominence, prominently.

1. Promote, read for abstract

In singing vipadas, “in a written way”, you just need to say something, don’t expect it, but you can’t tell yourself how to say a word of living and sincere words. It’s just that the situation is vimaga, even the exact word-of-mouth. Ofitsіyna polіtichna promova шим the first butt of the reading behind the manuscript promovi.

2. Promote, so that you get too late, but do not start in vain

Look at the triviality of 1–2 years old and don’t forget about it. I forgot the memory of the singing oath to the material of the oratory (oratorio) to keep it in front of the audience “for memory”, for an hour I was able to cope with the hostile plate of the living thought and significant orator.

To have such a quick, simple, simple plan out of the blue, it’s possible to use actual material (figures and quotes). Citizi tezi is not next, but you can look into them. Roszornuti theses and the plan are called abstracts.

3. Promote, get ready for it, and start in memory

I’m waging vipadas, if I’m quietly reading the news, I’m not promising promisingly, but I’m saving up for money without knowing anything. For example, when you’re in a juvile. I recommend to write a whistle whistup (approximately one side at a time), and then vivchiti yogo to remember.

4. Promotional Promise (Export)

So Promote win in spontaneously, on your own, for the winter furnishings. Ale nikrashchiy ekspromt - the one that has been prepared late.

If you’re in front of an auditor, you can, as a rule, allow yourself a speaker even better than the speaker, otherwise human, like a man of nature to receive a gift.