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Aesthetics - Levchuk L.T.



The way of people’s life, which is due to the generic sign, the progression of the subject-practical dyalnosti, the way poserredovakuyu biologic її nature, with the specific nature of the human anatomy, as well as the most important form of psychology. In other words, ludina herself is a living world, she has a lot of material culture, I’m very much alive, as well as internal people - I’m almost honored, there’s a lot of love, and I’ve got to live up to a little more practice. From now on, it’s a historical practice є the first reason for winding up the development of human health before re-creating the suite for the laws of beauty, and for the first time in form of some of the most beautiful and natural estates, see more and more. That is why I will probably want to see if there is a natural dyalnost of people, then to appear, to show up in a human booty of a rather small galaxy, a sphere, a ya bula is added to such dyalnosti. The right is right, the natural dyalnost can be realized as self-sufficient, self-sufficient, and maybe a little more moment, good day and night, the last forms of dyalnost.

The principle of practice, laying in the rooted nature of human beings and all of the suspicious manifestations, giving them the opportunity to see aesthetically pleasing nature and history, preserves the most complex complex of historical knowledge. Tobeth is a natural activity in the historical and historical epoch of the Islamic world in different forms, but in a different way it was realized in the foreign activity of people, which is due to the unequal cultural reach in history.

At first glance, we’ll have a good look at the visual aesthetics of natural form, the natural component of home-based, deceiving, except natural aesthetics, not an object. This very form of aesthetic dyalnost є mystetstvo. If such a piddid is unlikely to give a way to the law, the law of aesthetics of aesthetics and practices can be improved, I will also be able to make sure that I will be able to learn more from time to time. For those who are aware of the basic forms of natural duality, I will have a look at the genesis of history, which is the formation of history. The genetic call of mystery, the most important way to form a natural dyalnosti, with the pratsey stretching a significant period of historical suspension of development does not appear that it doesn’t appear, it’s always efficiently, hello yak vіlna gra human health, yak nasoloda. The successes of productive humanity, especially at the new hour, steadily solidified the material view of the rooted reasons for the ruined forces of the evolution of humanity. The very motherly nature of history has given zmog an opportunity to assess the role of productive praxis in the establishment of different forms of duality, in fact, in the first instance, they are directly protected by method and results. How can pratsia be so productive in such a way aesthetically practicable and how can a productive pratzi realize itself in aesthetic need of people?

Pratsia is the first step in the process of becoming more human and nature, in the same way as a friend, in order to meet one's own needs. Tsees the process of intermediation by the method, to some kind of Prague lyudin. The form of the object is related to it and the processes are small and small, the most important, more consummate, more consumable, more like, and more, some way of living. That fragment of creation is interchanged with the knowledge of nature and the laws of nature, it is logical that the form is also the same as the law of the speech of the subject of culture as the only natural material and suspension. Thus, the human part of nature is framed - the culture of Volodia is a special serpent, a special value for people, and it is according to the law of сусп suspension of life.

I have a great deal of speech, that is, according to the law of сусп сусп, сусп сусп с нув нув,,,,,, і і і форм форм гли гли гли::::::::::::::::: дов: форми форми форми форми най най п п сусп сусп сусп сусп сут сут сут сут сут сут сут сут сут сут сут сут сут сут сусп сут сусп сусп сусп сусп сусп сусп сусп сусп сусп сут сусп законом законом законом законом законом законом. That is the reason for making a perfect form є the natural moment of being a form of human dyalnost. But it’s important for people to know, to take the process to speech, to find the perfect form, to fix it, on one side, the law of natural, victorious, and the other, the law of suspended speech, ", The power is less than the human race. Itself tsim to explain and especially the value of natural esthetics for people, a secondary craving for the beautiful in life.

A series of the most beautiful things in nature - a statement about the nature of the natural beauty and health needs of people. Not vіdkidayuchi zovsіm such a manifestation, as follows on ambiguity. The complexity of nature’s splendor in the natural health of people is clear in the fact that they don’t know the reason why people became more and more beautiful, and there were no other criteria for being beautiful in nature. And even in the nature of a dumb zavichnogo such as this, there are more than a few natural change of mind isn’t necessary, it’s more and more pompous, because all of this, because people are so beautiful. But most often, on the cobs of human history, the nature of bagaty ’ies in the middle of the house is not open to people, it’s resisted because of chaos, it’s quite natural that it’s very nice pіznіm cultural tombstones. We didn’t have much to do with it, but it was born out too little between human nature forces in the realm of material practice and the test of adding spiritual and spiritual water resources for the additional transfer of more and more people to the power of nature. I will call this method of atropomorphism. Nayyaskravіshim yogo butt є mythology - historically, the first form of suspension is home, for the help of some kind of spiritual spiritually unlimited love, the form is more pronounced about it, as well as the same relationship with people.

People have natural strength, and people have a good view *, that is, people have a good time, and they also have a good time, people are always in harmony. Not the roaming nature of natural manifestations, people. They enacted the laws of human spirits, they were all visible, and brains - to satisfy their needs and capacities. The axis of ordering, harmony, visibility, reliability is the same as life needs for people to live. And the very same with such brutes Volodian people praztya and її products.

From the point of view of presently cultivating human culture, one can see one who is more confident, what first subjects of labor (Kam'yanі sokiri, bow and bowls, clay pottery so much) may have a lack of aesthetics. The prototype is impossible not to enter, because it’s fundamentally possible to see all kinds of objects, nature, it’s great to have a clear view of a form of suspension, show a metaphor, for which such an object is designated. Archaeologists and anthropologists, more than once the parking lot of primitive people, dozens of thousands of different sizes and natural forms and pieces, I imposed, for example, stone, ludin. The stink of a singing world can be seen in the steps of such thoroughness of such first virobes, as if you were pleased with the number of people living and consuming people.

The process of virology in people of health and life completely stretched to the reach of thousands of people, progressing to higher levels of society, which enabled people to be able to improve culture, to be less dependent on people.

It’s okay, you’ll have a chance to finish the process without knowing

* For example, ancient Greek and Roman deities, they were portrayed by people of the Viglyad. Sculptural image of the єx є the most important artistic attainments of the Old Church.

by humanity, that’s why people worked in front of us to satisfy their material needs. However, already found in the found civilian utilities utilities completed, shaped for satisfying the material needs, prized for their natural aesthetics. About the purpose of speaking, knowing in the funeral services of the leaders of the tribes, the king and the pharaoh. In the midst of them - objects of confusion, clothing, furniture, zbroya, yaki guilty servants we will die in a potoybichnomu svіtі. їх вірізняє visoka artista maisternіst, stink of health and safety utilities. However, they didn’t appreciate the fact that they couldn’t help them to bicker for the appointments, but before that, they’ve been able to add to the bahatism and the ability to work with talent and the creativity of talented people. The stench delighted people with its unique unique aesthetics: self-sustainability, non-repetitiveness, subtle wickedness. Ozhe, there, de praciu people were brought to the heights of the capacities of concrete historical finishes; there, the product was placed in isolation from the possibilities of people. Adzhe and bagatstvo at the first perspiration, ears of a historical and historical form yaknuval yak scarby. Create an applied mystery bullets with noses of suspenseful buggery, they won in their own way, they are especially good, creatively perfected. Create a mystery, at least, at the time of the day, like the accumulated bagatism, like a sphere invested capital. Acts against them cannot be fully appreciated in penniless forms, and later on, they cannot exist as a rarity of the state, but they can not navigate international goods.

Thus, on the cob stages, the development of suspension is productive, as in the first place, history did not include a natural component. And if people from the time of love turned into a productive state grant, if they showed that they simply needed technical assistance and gradually grew productive, then, in their own hearts, the hour of practical learning was greatly improved. Subjects of remnants of service became more and more thorough, they seemed to be additional elements, and they didn’t infuse utilitarian functions without any delay. The ornamentation of the pottery virabetons of the finished form and fabric, the submission of the zbro that the kinsky zbrui, the mosaic and the fresco embellished equipment - has greatly enhanced the utilitarian functionality of the chain for some reason. Tsyomu was inspired by the social rosary of suspension, in some subjects with singing aesthetic brutes they became a sign of the special social status of a hairline. It’s important to relate to the very process of virobility, to which the utilization of utilities and aesthetics were so happily paired; The word remisnik nina live in harmony with the unimportant is significant, as long as you need to vote, scho lyudina is mediocre, far from any kind of creativity, praciuradi mercantile interests. 3-tsim - singing historical reality: buv hour, if mystery was presented and artists were blown up with reminder workshops. Ale tse already nyak do not bother remisnikіv epoch, who is a help artist and a mi bout tilki remisnik. In the labor process, winding up two functions - spiritual dyalnost (send original ideas, add different materials, choose three colors, take samples) and choose the right thing (without any subject). Such a syncretic process, which has not yet been presented with the physical and practical principles of the private sector, is recognized as its creative potential, which means that a significant part of the remittance is important. Itself is such a repeated, not one-sided character, having taken a moment to change your mind for the divine mystery of the Greek and Roman churches. Create mysteries, schooled and sung utilities and functions, know the best; We’ve been looking for a big one and a zagalny riven vimog, so that they were put before the masters of remіsnitstva.

It’s physical in the minds of class suspensions wait for the share of the exploited class and the value is not small. I'll see the suspension. Ale Doti, doki is fizichna pratsa bula for her character remisnichoyu, on it invariably lay a sign of novelty and an uninterrupted creative joke of skin-tight mayster. Formulated in the way of virobnitztva, which means that I can distribute praxis on the operating system with on-the-fly transmission of both machines and mechanisms, it has thoroughly changed the very nature of pracis, having got a natural moment without having to work out a simple way. On the capital’s capital at that hour, Pratsya was amused by creative creativity, turning through those to the antithesis of mystery, de creativity, as vidomo, with the main ruler of creativity. The very capitalistic way of violating the quiet hours of love and mystery at the poles, having smashed one to one, closed the halo of mystery over the mystery, hovered.

Tradicional practice in the current virology for creativity and reproduction is one of the most obvious reasons for the lack of prestige and unprincipled robots for industrial use, especially in the minds of conveyor technology. I will explain the price of a clear development of technology and technology. From one side, the specialization school, which closed the door to the singer’s opera house, gave the pedestrian a significant increase in productiveness, and there was a large set of machines to help people. From the side, such praznazhnuє, overturning people on the machine, more and more into the ability to develop, realizing in the labor process the fuss of their own individual capabilities. Technological progress, with such a rank, a mildly eloquent character - I am at the same time tackling the materiality, ale zbidnya - the very people. Today’s real science and technology, even after changing the mind for changing people in such operations with automatic machines and robots. The scope of one-man, monotonous, reproductive technology is to sound, to express oneself and to expose the most important violin training, and to learn how to prepare a fundamentally new type of robot.

It’s often often, if you need to go about the naturalizing of virobnitsvat, to get it right, try to get the most out of mind: more attention, more attention, more atmosphere, less noise, more air. Aestheticization virobnitsva - understood significantly wider and more folding. Briefly mean: to introduce a creative element at the time of the process, to make it easier to reproductive activity, to take pleasure in one-time operations so much. Virishiti tse zavdannya can be less than for the minds of the ignorant development of virobnitztva, science, technology, technology '.

Nowadays, virobnitstvo has enriched the appearance of one more aesthetic phenomenon - design, which is why don’t you want to see the super-little words: why are you applying a mystery to your temple? And design by the hour has long been seen at the self-sphere of dyalnost. Having become still on the cob of the 20th century, as long as the technical change of mind remained for the large-scale industrial fishing industry. Itself won, large-scale virobnitsvo, there were a lot of special problems, more problems, problems, technology, industrial aesthetics. Adje Rose

'Report about the process of div.: Kucheryuk D. Yu. Aesthetics pracі. Cіnnіsnі vіdnosini. Creativity. Lyudina. K-, 1989.

the social group is indivisible with its own relish, different, slightly polar, natural similarities in clothes, furniture, household items, but it’s not possible to be very satisfied with the same type of goods. And the very same thing, orderly, focused on the only indicator of the release of products, it’s important to keep it in touch with the satisfaction of the different food and drink.

Widely diversified design and development activities have made a difference from one side to technology and industrial production technology, having put in place more control and not only culturally active people, but also smakіv that іdealіv. The designer’s dyalnist, at the Kintsev’s pid bag, is hidden on the humanization of the subject-spacious medium of the people. її role in the ordinary suspension of grandfather’s growth. Axis for which it is presently preoccupied with virology is impotent without this kind of aesthetic dyalnost.

Rosette to the design of tisno ties with plastic mysteries: architects, sculptures, paintings, ornaments. The design of the vikoristov’s reach of plastic mysteries is to live by the artistic ideas of historical mystery. At the same time, design is a waste of co-ordination of one's own artwork with science, technology, construction, material knowledge. There, dedesign of organically inclusions to the process of virology and the necessary lanka, there virobility is most of all satisfied with the consumption of suspension.

Our young, krai designer's service is less than meritє svіy creative hat. І це, звичайно, не може не відбиватися на ефективності виробництва, на здатності вітчизняної промисловості задовольняти потреби населення, позначатися на загальному вигляді наших міст і сіл. Без органічного поєднання з дизайном сучасна промисловість ніколи не зможе задовольнити відповідну якість життя, де матеріальна потреба без естетичної, навіть за умов кризового стану економіки та зубожіння переважної більшості населення — просто напівпотреба. Такого не існує, як і взагалі не існує людини, обмеженої в своїх потребах лише вузько прагматичними запитами.

Естетична діяльність у сучасному промисловому виробництві може існувати і на рівні індивідуального трудового процесу. Щоправда, це можливо лише в тому випадку, коли його здійснює кваліфікована, творча людина, майстер своєї справи. Потреба знаходити задоволення в праці змушує талановиту, небайдужу людину постійно вдосконалювати себе, розвивати свої здібності і навички, вносити у трудовий процес елементи творчості. Відомо немало майстрів, які в найзвичайнішому, на перший погляд, трудовому процесі домагаються блискучих результатів. Саме у цих випадках ми говоримо про мистецтво хлібороба, муляра або повара.

Що ж є визначальним для такого трудового процесу? Творчий підхід до справи, обдарованість і невичерпна допитливість, постійне невдоволення досягнутим і безкінечні пошуки нового. Таку людину цікавить не лише кінцевий результат її діяльності, а й доцільність та довершеність прийомів і способів діяльності. Тобто майстер своєї справи виходить у трудовому процесі за межі звичок, стереотипів поведінки, прийомів, методів роботи, що склалися до нього. Він створює свій механізм діяльності, максимально співвідносячи його з особистими індивідуальними якостями і здібностями, які дають йому змогу повністю розкрити і ефективно використовувати їх. Він, звичайно, розвиває і відсутні якості, вчиться, вдосконалюється, перетворюючи свою працю на «гру здібностей». Це, однак, не означає, що творча праця не є максимальним напруженням сили і волі, постійним самовдосконаленням. Привабливість її полягає в тому, що вона дає ні з чим не зрівнянне задоволення від вільного володіння предметом праці, де технологія виробничого процесу лишається мовби за спиною поривань людини.

Творчий потенціал людської праці невичерпний. Він присутній в усіх професійно обмежених її формах. Та й у своїй вузькій професійній діяльності людина завжди збільшує потенціал своєї творчості, виходячи за межі професійних інтересів, інтегруючи в індивідуальному розвитку максимально можливі для неї сфери людської діяльності. Професійна обмеженість людини не є абсолютною перешкодою для всебічного і гармонійного розвитку, для виявлення власного творчого потенціалу. Ось чому для досягнення мети — перетворення людської праці з необхідності в потребу самореалізації — слід рухатись з двох боків. Передусім — це зміна за допомогою науки і техніки характеру виробництва, що виключає тяжкі, виснажливі, монотонні процеси. Однак не можна недооцінювати й інший шлях — розвиток, вдосконалення самої людини, здатної вже сьогодні багато чого змінити в характері праці, зробити її максимально привабливою і бажаною.