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Aesthetics - Levchuk L.T.



The artistic image is called the living “clit” of the mystery, the seamlessness of the aesthetic spying of the truth, the fragments and the mystery itself are signified as the ministry in the images. For the mysterious nature of the mysterious nature that has become a bit louder for the image. We don’t meet those who, having understood the artistic image, are transformed with understanding, the image, the form, the form, the mystery. An artistic image of a majesty before the creative process, which is more often than not imaginative and meaningful in thought and final in the most significant symbolic structures, as well as reproduced for an hour. The artistic image is related to the specificity of the cognitive functions of the mystery in the highest understanding of science, the peculiar emotional and spying camp of people, the talent of metzia in figuratively metaphorical creation. Without interruption, let’s say, now that we have a great deal of human life, we live in the way, the way, the metaphor, the metaphor, the hyperbole, the allegory (the term path is tropos, which is clearly meaningful) middleware.

In the historical process of civilization, the sale of quieter things was done no less mysteriously, like a little imagery, but the submission itself was manifested with a peculiar nervous and mental state of mind, I was able to Metaphorically inspired, it has become possible to inherit the evolutions, adaptive forms and form of their own syncretic self-bridges, carried the great potential of more, significant, and easy access. Genetic б zbіg in the first images of the love of people to be convinced of themselves in the possession of the natural forces, pictures of that, if you have a variety of respects and repeat “enhanced” with real-time and real-time concrete. The very same zbіg and upbeat yes, let me see, in the sub-active plan, the mysteries could win the eyes of the metaphorically meticulous people. The mandate is that, in a word, we will greatly extend the ways of identifying oneself with light speeches - metaphors, tropics, symbols, the highest official of the artistically-shaped art of the old man (as a transfer of the familiar décor of the inner psychic).

We even talked about the philosophical nature of the mystery, about the great publicity in the specific (the most imaginative) form and appearance of the law and law, when there is a complete and complete change in their social status. In the syncretic forms of the mystery of the primordial slurry, the elements of spiritual visibility are manifested, which in the course of time have outgrown the religion-magical, mythological explanation of the laws of nature and the human spirit. At that early period of history, you can recognize and hate, hate to drive around the best ideas of self-esteem (including the natural self-esteem) of the first people in the past. One can find that in the cave, cave mystery of the Upper Paleolithic, not less than the image-symbols, the musical image, and the first verse of understanding about harmony, rhythm, simplicity, cosmological manifestation, jerela force. І all could be transmitted nyak іnaksha, yak tіlki in figuratively-zoobrazuvalnі form. There is a certain insight into the totality of totems about the nature, and a renewed understanding of the similarities, the forms, the nature, the nature, the image, and the nature of the image a ceramic prototype of ornaments - a mustache is not present, as a primordial image, with such an uninterrupted and symbolic interpretation of the manifestation of our distant ancestors. At tsomu, the philosophical and the power of the image charmed itself. Remain unforgettable to nature (I, of course, lyudin as a part of nature and social), to win the third wiki in Prague to resist the fact that it’s less important to get rid of the entropy and disharmony. Through the images of bachimo, we see the presence of a present presence and a Maybuty perspective. Zakrіplyuє vіn myself, as shown earlier, in the form of form.

Since I have a fair image for the mystery of heart and soul, I can only take a closer look at the context of great challenges and problems, then we should be aware of the following:

The artistic image of the scientific tlumachennyi is taken to signify the specific form of the image, which is contagious in the process of artistic creativity and is characterized by an uninterrupted flow of emotions. Artistic about the price of one’s obednuyucha lanka is more realistic for the sake of representing that yak viduvatsya for the laws of aesthetic redefinition in spiritual experiences of spiritual values. Artistic imagery of species of mystery, scale, world of intelligence in them, ontological status.

Well, if you are satisfied with the fundamental self-determination of an artist’s image, then I’ll be on the basis of a psychological psychology in which there are people who have the most possible forms of information about the flow of familiarity. In the philosophy of philosophy, the word, the image is the sub image of the active form given in the words. The psychology of the artist’s image, on the basis of the appearance of the first primitives, is a polygon in that, in which there are ideal images. I am deeply convinced that you must rely on respect no less than you need to remember, and that image, which is kind of awesome, is spiritually purely of that pure material vidchutty substrate. Representatives of the old psychological school won the respect for the sake of subordination in relation to the internal image in the community of the individs. One explanation of what is known from the French psychologist J. Fonsegr-va, to my mind, nature is the same as that of nature, which is less important at the stage of intensiveness. Being the author of completing a book for a wide hour, on the whole, you have to get to Herbert Spencer (who called him “a strong camp” and his image a “weak camp”) and robes a picture of his own “contour” "According to the presentation to the meeting '. Details and other details here, having caught, you can get in touch. The outline is too small.

Soundingly, right now the psychology is unique and simpler, such a unique kіlkіsnogo reduction. That is all with the cautious students of the “associative psychological school” and don’t get rid of it. We want to remove those who need to be seen and have a good look at their original, honest little postage.

Emotional-chuttєvі formative hostile experience

Div.: Fonsegriv Georges. Elements of psychology. M., 1890. S. 36-37.

syіmvolіzatsіyu ikh, to establish an ideal memory. Vinikaє, in such a way, the image of the original image of vіdchuttіv, which is meaningful for the mystery. Aje tvіr mysticstva is guilty of transmitting the fragment itself and the reminder of memory - emotion. I win without interruption through the singing sign form to serve as the viraznik of the inner, but the inner psychic image - uavi. In addition, in our opinion, there’s only piecework є going to the tlumachen’s nutrition about those who you’d like to (have a look at the fundamental principles of K. Goranov “Artistic image of this first historical life”) who doesn’t recognize (this is the way the artist O. to the master of mystery. Logic Suzhen O. Oganova’s belief is that I want a natural power to determinate with a material structure “I can create the mystery”, a prote artistic image that’s ideal “I can do it better” 2, so that’s the process! sprynyattya creature. Ale y yak todi buti z o'ktivovannіst psychic dosvіdu in subject light?

Significantly important are represented in tsomu nutrition. An artistic image - who is also a symbol and a sign, having become a fact of exotericity, because of a new way through a sign-subject form as an element of culture, who can more fully understand the inner mental state of submissive mystery? І Chi rightly respected, what’s the mystery of the potential potential image in the image itself? Obviously, it’s possible to rely on nutrition for those who want to know about those who have an artistic image — not too closed in their own right (wanting) an ideal system that has a wider understanding of the need for a wider system. metasystems of culture. At the same time, show that such genres and forms are in mystery, as if they wrought themselves like a shrine of the vision (a shrine word in the epic of j and folklore), the artistic image of them should go beyond; досindivnogo dosvіdu ц ts є yes д podstavi talk about one exoteric, singing abstracted ideal, schu] nabuva status of spiritual, natural cultural value. Homer’s “Illada”, though small in size, was far more meaningful to the image and symbol of the zagolnolyudskoy culture, zagalolyudskogo mystery.

Tsey svєrіdny dualism in the declared about idealism

2Oganov O.O. Work of art and artistic image. M-1978. S. 4.

The water hour about the subject-sign of the artistic image is not guilty of entering for the inter-vlas nature. This means that we cannot be satisfied with stating that fact that our artistic image is more than the heirlooms of ideal mental psychic fulfillment and experience, but, at the same time, it is clear from the signposted structure. To the right of that, to the extent that it’s adequate, it’s possible to identify what’s more and more and more, and what’s possible was replaced by the ideal idea, the idea of ​​Mitzia. The moment you find the most complete in the complete artistic image of a creative act and residual creative in the mystery. For dwellers could zdіysnitisya repeatedly experiences reprodukovane hudozhnogo image, vіn responsible vіdpovіdnim rank stati zovnіshnoyu pam'yattyu іdealnih peretvoren, SSMSC E nazivaєmo estetichnimi: znyattya Parvin vіdchuttіv included psihologіchnih mehanіzmіv sinestezії (vzaєmodopovnennya and hour i vzaєmozamіna vіdchuttєvoї Informácie, utvorennya obrazu- synthesis), knowing loneliness (vipadkovostі) hostility, harmonization almost completely. From now on, the artistic image is synthesizing obeductively for the laws dominating the mystical rebuilding suburban areas, the lanka is the subject of submission and submission of the image.

The image and chuttve spying on the mystery of being bound together. An image without a bit of concretization cannot be seen. Itself on tsiu power the image of having ordered Hegel. For the sake of words, the mystery is to bring to truth the truth of the vision of the "visionary image", which is most obvious to the most self-evident, greater sense. For the sake of this thesis, it is necessary to wrap up special respect, osklki to formulate an idea not less than spontaneous peculiarities to the image, which you can shave with more accessible sprinyattym zmіstu and sense of creation mystery. Here, too, the basis of the fake thought of the thought about those who have the idea to create one in the very best image, who won’t be seen. For the sake of organic evil, in the abstract abstraction of judgments on the eternal logic we can’t understand it completely, Hegel said this: as a monster and to make a day of beautiful and beautiful artwork "3. Before you reach it, you’ve got caught

J Hegel G.-V-F. Aesthetics. T. 1.P. 105.

My wife is about those who are called “Unity to act in mis- sion: text, especially in the train, as well as in the element of manifestation, and not more than a little objectivity. In the manifestation, the law of unambiguous meaning of the same indi- vidual meaning is underestimated, so that for the manifestation of the same authority it is subjective and uninterrupted by the image.

Speaking, recognizing and seeing the image of each other is reduced to the standard flag, and to the concrete, it’s more precisely repeated at the same time. Schopravda, I’m singing the sign of the sign є. I’m better at showing that I have been able to freely and vividly use material for psychic access and for my own internal baker’s meal more than rice, more healthy food, better and lesser enmity. Psychologists P. Anokhin, S. Rubinshtein, B. Lomov, L. Vigotsky have gained respect for the particularity of the manifestations of the most accurate contacts. For the mystery, and later on, for explaining the nature of the artist's image, we take the order, that in Volodin “the indivisible dyysnistyu” (Hegel’s term), the fulfillment of the principle is significant. The creation of the ideal image in the middle-aged springs is made possible by the very owners of the health of the mind. All in all, I’ve got to think over the facets of one process, but not less than the fact that we’ve become more obov'yazkovim, if we have an image in front of us, creations in the poetic word, be it in the old literary genre. So it’s not possible to do without showing up at times guessing the one hidden in the ideal yogic preservation (the image is in memory, it’s possible to change it in a childish way), as well as in the image when there is no immediate interception.

Uyava sponuka the mayor of “domulyavati” TV_, which came to be invisible, but often hanged. I Todi image-uyava became nabagato revitalized, sub-active emotion. Hu-dog-landscape painter, member of the Wanderers Partnership Ar-hip Ku Куcі і (originally from Mariupol), writing his own works in Ukrainian subjects as well, reaching out in the broadcast form and mood. A special kind of wine (what are the sums: what is it in the pictures of a piece of paper, how much fluorescence?) Win the picture of the most beautiful landscapes - “Evening in Ukraine”, “Ukrainian night”, last night With all the fantastic accessibility, artistic harmony in the skin, their image, vizmovaniya memory, knowledge, introductory sound, nevertheless guessed by M. Gogol ch. X. Shevchenko.

The end of the “magic crystal” is that the image swaying is significantly different, the image is lower, the image is asocial and obzagalim. Zaddyaki ideality in a living mental process is not unmistakably possible to include the level of manifestation in the form of self recognition, figurative memory, presence of a childish image. The old school of psychological and empirical school stood at this exact point, but it was more clearly recognized that it was less tidy і sprynyattya (A. Richards, G. Spencer, T. Ribot іn.); such signs, such as fragmentary, bl_d_st, unstable, were seen. It’s not at all possible to justifiably disagree with the interpretation of the wish I would like for the mysterious mental process to see the complete battle before the conflict, let alone and be aware of it.

Mirkuvannya one of the representatives of currently, psychology B. Lomov, grounded on theories of the image, to warn us more clearly the interpretation: “Please be aware that there are no objections to this, please be advised 4. Respect adversity with the so-called Introspection-Psychological Psychology, as I take the image of the manifest pose of the real dyalnisty sub'kkt, the posture of interaction with the forensic light. The most characteristic feature of the manifestation of B. Lomov is called to be reminiscent of the imagery (intentionality) of the zagaglennost. As a rule, I will explain the idea to the author, having revealed about the fact that the last object is being formed in the process of bagatorazovogo yogo sprynyattya. Zavdyaki tsyom vidbuvaєatsya "selection oznak ob'єkt, ikh integratsіya and transformation; vipadkov signs, are more manifest in denyy single situations, are more visible, and more are less naiharakternіshі, and naybіlsh іnformativnі "5.

For the mysterious psychologist, the rules are important to explain the meaning of the image. The water time stinks can be sprinkled like the law of art of a suburban, typical, achievable and ideal image. Virvati іz a system of singularities subject (item) і nadatyomu izobraznyh ugustalnee, anger in one whole і ideu that image

A Lomov B.F. Methodological and Theoretical Problems of Psychology. M., 1984. S. 167. 5 Ibid.

to succumb to the mystery, which is spontaneous in the yogh of the other visions with the vigorous yutnost. The non-repetitiveness of the “indivisuality” (after Hegel) I will confirm the situation of the anti-communion, the fragments in the self-ideality of the presence of the absolute all-agnostic art. The ideality of the artistic way of collecting, which can be seen in visual structures, which is so specific in its own concrete, manifestation, is so that it is inferior. Ideality in the artistic image can be read through the rhetorical (introductions), as well as the internal organ-alloy alloy of the image. Nagadaєmo, and the term itself resembles the Greek idea, the first image. Ale є с й й с с с с::::::::::: ший де де є - мист мист мист мист мист мист мист мист мист. Ця багатозначність прочитання ідеальності (ідеального) не повинна підміняти одне її значення іншим, коли йдеться про конкретний образ, чи аналіз в цілому категорії ідеального на противагу матеріальному в широкому філософському значенні. Ідеальне як тип відношення об'єкта і суб'єкта включає в себе і ціннісну, і пізнавальну характеристики, відображаючи одну із форм свідомості. Воно існує в художньому як колективний розум і естетичний досвід, що абстраговані від індивідуального, замкнутого в собі почуття й одиничних уявлень. Колективний досвід мови, культури в цілому утворює, за висловом Е. Ільєнкова, загальну «сферу явищ». «Ось саме ця сфера явищ,— зауважує він,— колективно створюваний людьми світ духовної культури, в середині себе організований світ, що історично складаються і соціально зафіксовані («узаконені») всезагальні уявлення людей про «реальний» світ,— і протистоїть індивідуальній психіці як певний досить осібний і своєрідний світ — як «ідеальний світ взагалі», як «ідеалізований світ» 6.

Ідеальне не є прерогативою мистецтва і художнього образу, а належить широкому спектру духовної культури як знятий практичний, інтелектуальний досвід. В ідеальному зафіксовано для майбутнього колективну пам'ять пізнання. І оскільки ідеальними є знання законів, апріорність і абстрагованість уявлень, то на цій основі можливе конструювання образу-символу, образу-алегорії, образу-ідеалу. В ідеальному предметність у її фізичному значенні втрачає себе, поступаючись узагальненості, відокремленості від її природного буття, набуваючи знаковості сен-

6 Ильенков Э. В. Философия и культура. М., 1991. С. 235. 154

су, рівного філософському осягненню істини, поетизації. Ідеальне в художньому образі — то ніби аура, що обов'язково присутня у справжньому творі мистецтва так само, як і наповненість його духовністю. Парадоксально прозвучала оцінка картини К- Брюллова «Останній день Помпеї», яку із захопленням відзначив на виставці М. Гоголь. За його описом, в усій картині «вимовляється відсутність ідеальності», тобто ідеальності абстрагованої, і в цьому йому вбачається «її перша позитивна якість» 7. В подальшому роз'ясненні своїх перших вражень і спостережень великий сучасник художника пише: «Будь ідеальність, будь перевага мислі і вона б мала зовсім інше вираження, вона б не викликала того враження; почуття жалю і пристрасної трепетності не сповнило б душу глядача, і думка прекрасна, сповнена любові, художності і вірної істини, втратилась би зовсім». Під ідеальністю абстрагованої думки тут мається на увазі її розрив з почуттєвістю, холодний риторизм, відсутність поетичності і краси. Цього не трапилося. В суворій стихії трагедії художник «представив людину якомога прекраснішою», «осягнув в усій силі цю думку» 8. Але ж це і є «ідеальність» в її іншому значенні — саме в тому, наскільки могла поєднатись ідея чи думка з образом.

Ідеальне стає внутрішньо притаманним образові в його художній довершеності саме тоді, коли воно є не самою реальністю, а уявленням про неї (навіть, якщо це буде ілюзія чи казковість). Достовірним у будь-якому випадку залишається осягнення істинного, справедливості і добра, а не самий по собі факт. Ось чому такого особливого значення набуває в мистецтві образ-вимисел. Ідеалізація в ньому надреальності допомагає звільнитись від вузького прагматизму й умовностей щодо звичайного тлумачення речей, увійти в іншу систему координат, естетичну систему знаковості. Ідеальне гармонізує в образі світ нашої уяви, утверджує духовні цінності мрії, добра, справедливості, упевнення в можливостях щастя, свободи, пробудження творчості. Візуальні, зорові, слухові образи в сукупності з тактильними відчуттями, дотиковими, кінетичними враженнями — кожен по-своєму реалізує цей потенціал ідеальності; вершиною втілення ідеальності образу є слово.

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8 Там же.