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Aesthetics - Levchuk L.T.


The art of living of ordinary suspension, for the most part, is rіznomanіtne. Tse is bound up with an essential development of mystery, in front of the third species and genre differentiation. A lot of classic views of mystery - architecture, sculptures, painting, music, theater (dramatic, opera, ballet), literature - see, like a cinema, television, radio, photography, and so on. As a matter of fact, until the end of mystery, there was such a synthesis as sports — a circus, ballet on ice, and artistic gymnastics — it is possible to do so, since it’s mysteriously difficult to an indefinite and universal increase.

Hudozhnє Zhittya Suchasnyj suspіlstva i Got your company profile, scho peredbachaє profesіynu pіdgotovku, forms stvorennya hudozhnogo virobnitstva, vіdpovіdnі іnstituti, SSMSC zabezpechuyut bringing Yogo to publіki, suspіlnu otsіnku hudozhnіh tvorіv, vikoristannya zasobіv Informácie, zavdyaki Yakima vіdbuvaєtsya poshirennya knowledge about podії hudozhnogo Zhittya.

It’s not a matter of creativity to be created by artists, but of all of these minds, such as acting, invariably, creating new talents, stimulating the art of a new one, but preserving the tradition very much, especially appreciating the talent. Acts of mystery lie in the form of material inconsistencies, without any kind of immateriality of creativity. Significant role is played by the artistic traditions of the country, the appearance of the art school, and the attraction of the baggage generation of the city. I, firstly, have succeeded in finding a new way to lay the groundwork for the artistic preparation and natural consumption of the public, without the participation of any significant artistic life.

Zupinimsya on deyayvaylіvshih aspects of the artistic life, without analysis, it’s not impotent rozumіnnya bagatokh processes, yakі recognize the character, tendencies, jokes and meanings of forms of common mystery.

Professional training and organization mitz. The yak has already been indicated earlier, the nature of the professional training of artists for the remaining three tables is fundamentally different. Before the era of Vidrodzhennya profesіna training for cooking, the mysteries of principle didn’t fundamentally go through the preparation of the remnants ’and it was practically started before the robot started to work with singing material. As a reader, having seen the followings, the master. Winning typing, they helped you in robot. On hibernation, the master went ahead, having completed the work and the work of the operation. In the process of processing robots of win-win-picking and acquisitions of folding operations. Natural talent і vmіnnya vіdіgravali neabiyaku role in the process of navigation. And even the secrets of the mastery, so that the singing priyomi, who secured the best of luck, the scholars, as a rule, did not bother. The very same artistic professions of the bulletin’s right with the right, as long as the secrets of the mastery were passed on to the members of the virtual, the old man to the blue. Significant part of the scholars is so i was lost by the mainmasters and less than those who were left behind until the main mayor. In the minds of the beginning of the remnants of the work - workshop, guild corporation - the status of the mayor was given to the workers for these professional and new workers to join the workshop.

In the era of Vіdrodzhennya, the Persians came from remix painting workshops. The whole world is connected with the winter season of the picturesque mystery, the re-creation of the second viral and spiritual functions, the establishment of the singing spiritual serpent, which was not recognized as an assistant, but as a master. The nature of the intermingling of the artist and the assistant depicting the autonomy of the artist as well. All the more often, the deputy persona, and not the church, the place, the power, appeared as the deputy.

Yak vidomo, the Bologna academy of mysteries became the first mortgage of artistic enlightenment, and then the academy was bulo in Paris. The principle of sanctification, testing in academies, having spread all over the world to see the art of dyalnost. The scholars have begun to learn more about the mayor. Schopravda, after an hour of which the principle was supplemented by a singing oath of theoretical theory, the curriculum included theories and histories of mystery, as well as a comprehensive course of cultural knowledge of esthetics, psychology, and philosophy. The step-by-step artistic mortgage type of academia seemed to be supplemented by the initial mortgages of the lower level - art, music, choreographic schools and schools. Having thoroughly studied and studied. The development of the psychology of mystery, the greater the sound of professionalism and the natural charm of the people, helped to establish the early education system of the early history of the school, which helped to complete the professional training process. The turbocharger about think over, about accumulation and saving, and the formation of tradition has become the main theme.
Before robots, in open mortgages, there were found out some mysteries, which was safe, a good school, a safe and healthy tradition in educational institutions, museums.

One word, professional preparation for cooking, mystery was filled with an hour of new forms, they became steel and professional organizations. The need for more muse for the vocation of food, the need for professionalism, the need for creativity, we have taken on a coordinating role in organizing the artistic life, and the competition 'ізків із діячами mysteries of the Inland Krai. In the minds of significant financial statements on the side of the country, you can create creative music and music and singing and ideological functions. So, at every time, it’s a bullet in the head of the USSR. Happy, if our young state has seen an ideological grip on the message of mystery, new ideas can be seen in front of creative people, activity of creative life and creativity.

Cultural and artistic bookmark. I have a great view of the form and form of creative work of the mysterious organization of all kinds of pledges to secure the opportunity to know them with a wide range of readers and visitors, we have become famous for museums, theaters, concerts, and we’ve got to play at the venue for concerts juvenile vistavkami, premieres, benifesami, presentations, creative sounds skinny. This is great for the cultural life of the country. Form of literary and artistic liberation, for example, a vimaga of significant mysterious and scientific robots. Specialties of the open gates The knowledge of the system, systematize, restore the national flights, organize the exhibition, secure the latest renovation. Naistarіshі biblіoteka that muse, sho mayut bagati funds, nabuvuyte special status of national cultural nadban and that to become sovereign rarities. There are also all kinds of museums, like the Louvre Museum, the British Museum, the Dresden Picture Gallery, the St. Petersburg Museum, the New York Museum of Happiness, as well as the National Library of the USA, the National Library of France and th nibagatsi zibrannya svіtogo mystetstva.

Such is the world and the theater. Bagatіkova іstorіya National French Theater, Mіlansky ta Vіdensky opera, Shakespeare Theater, Great Theater in Moscow є We have a wonderful literary performance of creative playwrights, actors, composers, ballet performances, drama, drama, Non-immovable traditions, which are transmitted from generation to generation, pranks and saints of prominent masters of mysticism recognize the interdigitiousness for the cutaneous period, the stench for the mastery, I have a great time to remember

Take care of the circulation and mass information. From the winnings to mass media information - Pres, Radio, Television - Significantly democratized art of life, intensified by the exchange of artistic achievements of the region, regions of the world. Without any interruption, you can talk about the One All-Artistic Art Process.

Winnings of book-writing has spawned a book of actually accessible leather people. The book-writing has also tucked into the music collection, knowing the problem of the distribution of notes. Druk zrobiv we can and many copies of the educative mystery.

With the advent of periodical newsletters - newspapers and magazines - the suspension of ideas of an artist's life was significantly activated. Later, the Europaisk newspaper “Gazett de France” imagined more about theatrical performances and painterly shows. Actually, the values ​​were made reportable, analitic in assessments of whistles and whistles, and turned into critical views. Newspaper Persians began to hear the reproduction of paintings.

Vinakhid photo! kinoziomki zrobiv at first іnformatsіyu found available. A cinematograph, especially on the cob of its own development, having lost sight of the dramas and dramas in one hand, was accessible to such artists, they didn’t bother the theater or the actor

Poyava radіo marked the suprasvicence of the 20th century. musics. The knowledge of the broad masses of classical operas and symphonies has expanded the obscure interest to music, has made the sound of music even more important with every element of everyday life. Recording music on gramophone payrolls having secured the ability to form a special music library. Radio became an intermediary between the people’s and the theater, gave zmogu a skin bootie present at the premieres in musical and drama theaters, and significantly expanded the resonance resonance of the number of local cultural manifestations.

More broadcasting is possible. For the remaining thirty years, especially at the hour of creating a cosmic sound, a resident of a far-reaching village at the art festival of all-around scale, such as the festival in Cannes and the opera house in Moscow, was able to make a sound.

The efforts of science and technology have spoken the mysterious knowledge of people. The song of the world has grown up in an overwhelmingly aesthetic culture; the grandfather is a significant number in life of people with a loan. The water-time zaddyak for the needs of the mass information and circulation mysticism significantly expanded the number of people who lived, who could not foresee the vibrant relish for the singing world.

On the cob of XX century. a tendency to the democratization of the mystical life was revealed, on one side, as the destruction of the mystery, and on the other, as the conquest of widespread mass rights to culture. For example, you can even have pidbies - these songbags. The mystery, as it were, did not leave, but only the least of its significant health. From the side, independent of accessibility and widespread mystical appearance, the mainstream culture of democratic masses wished and matured, and by and by transformed the temple in a unique way to its kind. The brand new name is called mass culture.

Good tse chi filthy? Masov’s culture has been changed by shifting to a wide range of people, ale to vіdmіnі vіd vіd folklore, which, by a significant amount, pleased people to consume in the early hours, to be profiled by professionals and mostly based on the sight of a great classic mystic. In addition, won over on the masses of spriyattya, yak zdіisnyuєtsya for another assistance to the mass information technology, but for the purpose of circulation. Є u і nі rіvny remіsnitstva і singing rіven creative creativity.

Winning of the masculine mystery as much as the word doesn’t mean ruining the mystery of the "high" or even elite. І in the present year’s suspension а cola, as much as possible, more middle-aged, more artful needs and more relish, as well as more artists, since you shouldn’t be at least amenable to your artwork, Creativity of many specialties, for those who don’t have anything else, need to consume self-circulation. Such an innovative mystery cannot be taken away at once, but it’s worth it to go through approbation in a professional and elite middle class.

Suspension of appreciation of art. Yak especial social institute critic of the cynic ’and develop in the minds of re-creation of the mystery is transcendentally spiritual form of dyalnosti, specific form of visual imaging. There’s an important factor, a kind of suspension. Docks of mystery have been a big craft, because it’s overwhelmingly subjective, having been criticized by the deputy as a buyer, an act of buying and selling that’s how I’ve done so well.

At the early stages of suspension, the need for professional assistance was needed, as well as the ability to add a better TV was less than that of the representatives of the deprived party, because of the fact that the form of hiring the mayor had their own understanding, but they didn’t Before that, the mystery was regulated by canons (including and religies), as a singing world, the censor's functions were understood.

Demokratizatsіya suspіlstva, uskladnennya Yogo sotsіalnoї structure, and takozh digit urіznomanіtnennya vidіv i forms Mistetstvo spriyali fact scho canon yak sposіb zakrіplennya i peredachі hudozhnoї FORMS that zmіstu zamіnyuєtsya hudozhnіm method scho peredbachaє mozhlivіst іsnuvannya rіznih napryamіv, techіy, іndivіdualnih stilіv hudozhnikіv, stvoryuє situatsіyu, I didn’t know much earlier. Vinikla problem of performance in the art of creativity, a yak vistupa wisdom about the problem relish.

Itself in the whole period to repair the form of the Institute of Literary and Artistic Criticism, the Yak took on the function of a suspension of evaluation of the artistic creation. Zrozumіlo, scho in the minds of the broader suspension of criticism, as if I were a certain social institute, could not be more advanced. Proteus didn’t include the development of methods for aesthetically appreciating artistic creations from the point of view of social and social significance and artistic perfection.

Pokazova in all of the history of Russian criticism. So, criticism was formed for the life of Pushkin, and, having taken on the role of understanding the national culture, became a water clock in the future, different political and ideological flows were established, and official growth was asserted. Behind the Apollo Grigor'єva Veslov, "our criticism stood at the forefront of our development." Through the creation of the mystery of life itself, they separated themselves and consolidated each other’s thoughts directly.

Such criticism, which without interruption, became a warrant, as soon as certain spiritual trends were revived, was explained by the criticism of its justified designation. She imagined at her place of creation a suspension of historical interest, for a kind of literature and mystery, not only professional proficiency of the writer, artist, etc., but a comprehension of it.

Criticism can merge into the One Silent Spirit of the Ruble of Suspension, moreover, at the same time, you won’t be able to show how much you’re doing, so be it real. Of the three forms of spiritual duality, it’s nibbled, there are practical people, practical fragments of a twisted life position. On the right is the frontier of the front door, in order to stand in front of criticism and criticism. It is not abstract, piece by piece, but the masovian, just historical interest of criticism, which leads to the life of people.

The camp of “high probes”, while creating mysteries, I am special in the atmosphere of artistic life, and in turn, speculative, opportunistic samples of labor of the art workshop appear. The protest is unfairly blamed to criticize the whole vidpolnost for the camp of mystery in suspension. Literary and artistic criticism may be less for the understanding and understanding of a theoretical theoretical system of aesthetics and mysticism, as well as the most basic basis for self-esteem of creative works and leathers of other original ones.

To this very criticism and aesthetics, criticism and mysticism are to intercede with each other. Aesthetics and mysticism, from one side, I am curious to criticize, and from the criticism, criticism is to twist and twist and turn in theory; 'єktivnіst і zagalnu znachimіst.

Riznitsya in the upper methodological glances at the nature of mystery, its social and functional functions, the principles of criticism, and even now, it’s not easy to see directly protivoshnih evaluations of one and these very works. Sounds like that, standing behind this step, as a rule, is a different installation. In this way, success of critics is seen as a complex of sciences, like vivchayut, from one side, mystery and art process, from the other - more concise life.

The middle of the critic, the mysterious, and the middle and middle of the world, the point of view reached literary and artistic criticism, like the literary genre, because it’s self-reliant art, it’s purely human. I justice, criticism - professionally verbally verbally interpret specific art imagery, say music, painting, dance, and skinny. Саме в цьому й полягає властиве критиці творче начало, яке нерідко абсолютизується, даючи критиці право належати до мистецтва. Читацько-глядацький загал звертається до критичної роботи, і твір мистецтва сприймається вже опосередковано, крізь призму професійного художнього бачення, до того ж у вербалізованій формі. Критик, як правило, привносить у своє «прочитання» твору чимало історично важливих і особливо для нього значимих нюансів, про які художник нерідко і не підозрював. Саме тому критичне «прочитання» того чи іншого художнього твору далеко не завжди збігається з науковим його вивченням. Це протиріччя криється в самій природі мистецтва, оскільки художній образ з своєму самостійному існуванні значно багатший, ніж усяка спроба передати його за допомогою мови.

Мистецтво як засіб спілкування. Життя окремої людини певною мірою обмежене кордонами реальних можливостей спілкування, потенціалом тієї соціальної сфери, в якій вона живе і діє. Мистецтво надає можливість особі компенсувати брак реальних форм спілкування. Сама специфіка мистецтва здатна по-перше, відтворювати світ у конкретних, індивідуалізованих чуттєвих образах, по-друге, вона несе на собі відбиток індивідуальності творця. Відповідно і процес сприйняття художнього твору надає можливість спілкування як з його героями, так і з самим автором. Таке спілкування глибоко індивідуалізоване, оскільки опосередковується особистим, індивідуаіьним досвідом людини. Саме тому можливе різне розуміння одного й того ж твору різними людьми в різні відрізки життя особи, в.різні історичні періоди та у різних культурних ситуаціях.

Художнє спілкування неможливе без фантазії і уяви, воно обов'язково передбачає реальне чуттєве переживай-ня. Тим самим мистецтво надзвичайно розширює сферу спілкування, вводячи в нього елементи свободи (незалежності від реальних обставин життя і повсякденних потреб)та універсальності (подолання обмеженості в часі і просторі) . Хоч воно і не вимагає ототожнення творів з дійсністю, однак реальна сила їхнього впливу така, що, скажімо, діти досить довго не розуміють умовності художнього світу. їх реакція на художню ситуацію часто буває безпосередньою, тобто не опосередкованою розумінням умовності художньої дії. Це особливо відчувається в театрі, коли діти беруть найактивнішу участь в театральній дії. Дитячий театр свідомо використовує цю особливість юних глядачів, аби утримати увагу дітей і виробити в них потребу в художньому спілкуванні.

Слід відзначити, що в ньому криється не тільки особливість дитячого сприймання, а й специфіка театру як виду мистецтва. З точки зору можливостей різних видів мистецтва, то для художнього спілкування вони не рівнозначні, хоч і взаємно доповнюють один одного. Театр як вид мистецтва виріс з реальних форм масового спілкування — демократичної системи правління та загальнонародних свят Стародавньої Греції. Глядача як реального співучасника дії і спілкування відділяє в театрі досить умовна перешкода — узвишшя сцени, тобто дія відбувається перед очима безпосередньо, що і забезпечує максимальну співучасть в ній.

Поряд з театром література і кінематограф є такими видами мистецтва, які найширше і найповніше відтворюють складність і розмаїття суспільних зв'язків особистості, дають змогу їй соціально адаптуватися. Тут спілкування здійснюється насамперед з ідеями художніх творів, з тим соціальним простором і часом, в яких відбувається дія, проходить примірювання соціальних ролей і їх способу життя кожним читачем і глядачем. Дещо іншою є форма спілкування при читанні поезії і слуханні музичних творів — тут відбувається обмін багатством відчуттів, різноманітністю емоцій, станів, переживань.

Завдяки художньому спілкуванню коло пошуку духовно близьких людей безмежно розширюється. Кожен з нас має улюблених героїв і їхніх творців — письменників, композиторів, художників. Спілкування з твором нерідко здатне відіграти в житті людини більш вагому роль, ніж спілкування з реальними людьми. Цікаво, що потреба в спілкуванні з літературними героями покликала до життя зовсім особливу форму суспільного визнання — встановлення пам'ятків літературним героям.

Мистецтво відтворює всю систему соціального спілкування, починаючи з реально-практичної взаємодії і закінчуючи інтимно-особистим спілкуванням. Особлива роль художнього полягає в тому, що саме в ньому особистість реалізовує свою можливість і здобуває досвід універсального, вільного, індивідуалізованого спілкування. Формування такої особистості збігається з намірами і цілями розвитку сучасного суспільства.

Індивідуально-особове прилучення до культурної спадщини свого народу забезпечує особистості національно-культурну визначеність, включення в національну спільноту. Так здійснюється єдність етносу і спадкоємність поколінь всередині нього. Водночас доступність і всезагальність мови мистецтва руйнує національні, соціальні, часові кордони між людьми. В спілкуванні через мистецтво немає потреби в перекладі, посередникові, бо мова його зрозуміла всім. Вона винятково багата — в ній закодовано набагато більше змісту, смислу, оцінок, почуттів, ніж в інших формах спілкування. Ось чому мистецтво першим руйнує упередженість одного народу до іншого.

Художнє спілкування як переживання веде до закріплення в структурі людської особистості здатності до розуміння і співчуття; спонукає людину до співучасті в житті інших людей. Так формується специфічна риса характеру—товариськість, що становить гуманістичну сутність людини.