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Economic analysis - Bolyukh M.A., Burchevsky V.Z.

6.4. Zagagalnennya and the formalized results of the analysis

Zagagalnennya and formalized results of the analysis - Kintsevsky etap analiticheski robots. At this point, the process of synthesizing the results of state darity is irrelevant, the factors are being absorbed, as well as the “price” is reached, the result is achieved. More than these factors, then more practical training is practical. For the whole time, it is necessary to consolidate respect for the group factors for singing signs and vibrate head.

Dwellers ochіkuvanі naslіdki analіzu zabezpechuvali realnі praktichnі require obumovlyuvali Poshuk i zastosuvannya tsivіlіzovanih shlyahіv became the first efektivnosti gospodaryuvannya, analіtikovі neobhіdno nobility zagalnі metodologіchnі Principi analіzu, nayvazhlivіshimi s yakih Je viznannya: vzaєmozv'yazku, vzaєmozumovlenostі vsіh yavisch that protsesіv, їhnogo rozvitku; vzaimodії kіlkіsnih factors; ностdnosti whole part, so that явdnosti single solitary and process in whole; ностdnosti dynamics of appearances, which will be analyzed, and I will become statistical at the moment.

The systematized results can be analyzed in a textless way — with a table, diagrams, diagrams, graphs, nomograms, and so we can describe them with textbooks, acts, and other memo- ries, The results of the analysis are included in the report with the plan of the analysis of robots.

The practitioners of the establishment of the installation of the analysis should be executed, as a rule, with the visitor visnovkіv.

Zmіst analitichnyh dіvіdok і visnovkіv mє but be more specific, please note that I respect the image and any other positive aspects, manifested reserves and ways of realizing them.

Poyasnyuvalna note Got include perelіk zahodіv schodo realіzatsії viyavlenih rezervіv, viznachati termіni that specific vikonavtsіv, obumovlyuvati Vidi she Quantity resursіv, SSMSC potrіbnі for usunennya nedolіkіv, mіstiti visnovki of rezultatіv gospodarskoї dіyalnostі i Offers schodo її polіpshennya of urahuvannyam zagalnogo rіvnya rozvitku pіdpriєmstva, minds gospodaryuvannya, imіrnih zmіn u dіyalnostі sub'єkta gospodaryuvannya skinny. You need to wait for memory, but for the minds of the market economy, the effectiveness of the state grant in the primary school is to optimize the vitrate for single products.

The order for analysis is stored up for the signature of the clerk of the company. Win є obov'yazkovim for all prashivnik і pіdpriyamstva, і for yogo vikonannyam vyuvlyuyutsya diyyovy and all-day control, scho, singing my world, to protect effective funktsionyonuvannya gospodaryuyuchyh sub'kt.

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  • Explain the impact of economical analysis on the adoption of management decisions.
  • Explain the special features of the organization of analytical robots on macro and micro.
  • Turn around the optimal vibration form of organizing an economic analysis of that and that fall into the sub-account of state donations.
  • Demonstrate interchange between types of economic analysis and organization.
  • Give a comprehensive description of the information and economic analysis.
  • Name the methods of conversion of information and information and economic analysis.
  • Explain the scope of the prepared draft management decision for the results of an economic analysis.
  • Explain the essence of the organization and methodical training with an analitic workflow.
  • On what vimoga uninterrupted analiticheski robots?
  • Explain the role of the functions of the services in the organization and analysis.
  • What is also the textless formatting of the results of the analysis?
  • To clarify, if the organization is fully organized okremiy viddil economic analysis on the basis.