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Economic analysis - Bolyukh M.A., Burchevsky V.Z.

Rozdil 10. Diagnosis of bankruptcy riches and the impact of inflation on the adoption of financial stability

10.1. Analytical diagnostics of possible bankruptcy

Pіd bankruptcy pіdprimstva rozumіyut lack of immunity to see his own financial goiters'yazan. Zobov'yazannya pіdpriemstva possible klasifіkuvati so:

  • goiters in front of the fiscal system, subject to penalties, penalties and fines, goiters in front of the budget and overhead budget funds, so that goiters, in order to pay in the manner prescribed by law;
  • goiters in front of the financial and credit system (banks, advanced financial institutions), who want to borrow from pledged credit - repayment of loans, position, repayment of loans for corridor;
  • zobov'yazannya in front of creditors for delivering syrovin, materials, comrades, or servants of various places;
  • internal goiters before shareholders and senior principals to pay the benefits, pay dividends, pay bills, pay the deadline for the collective agreement.

The structure of the balance sheet is unfavorable - there is such a camp as Mayna and Zobov'yazan fellow, if you want to take care of the covenant of goiters for your creditors for the sake of the lane of mine, I’m obliged to pay for the lack of equal number of such lanes. Schob didn’t become so, the main part is ignorant; I’m minimum dorіvnyuvati zagalі sumі goiters'yazan Borzhnik abo perevischevat її.

One of the first signals of bankruptcy is the lack of payment. Failure to pay, with a financial look, means, then:

  • Poglinaє resources, abort the creditors (postalnik, bank, high-skilled, active), third comrade, penniless and servant;
  • formє underpayments due and payable.

Bankruptcy сл for the sake of building up a critical financial camp, if I take the initiative to go all the way to regular (non-paid) payment.

Predumovuyu bankruptcy є trials unstable mill financial institutions, nefektivno ikh of vikoristannya.