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Economic analysis - Bolyukh M.A., Burchevsky V.Z.

Rozdil 12. Analysis of virology products and services

12.1. Significance, zavdannya i dzherela analizu virobnitstva products

For new market minds, state grants to all of the business people would like to have quick independence from the fact that they have the opportunity to sell products, to whom they sell their products, as well as all the necessary measures. Zrozumіlo, scho qiu freedom dіy is straightened out by the forefront of the vrahuvannya state market, its consumer and vimog.

Correctly vibran strategy virobnitstva and regular oaths for the release of products to secure the sale of the oaths of realizatsii і vіdpovіdnі incomes. That virobnich dyalnost pіdpriyomstva zhorsto zoomed in obscene ekonomichnuyu situation, galusovymi proportions and plospromomozhnom population.

In the process of analyzing virological care, you need to take a look at this nutrition:

a) the accuracy of the planning, the workload and the planning of the plan for the future, so that the environment of the virological schools;

b) assessment of the goal of the planning of virobnitztva, postachannya and realization of products, the dynamics of the observance of virobnitzva;

c) the recognition of the main factors, which were spent on the viral abuses of the virobnitsva by stretching out the remaining rock and the secrecy at the sound period;

d) recognition of the interchange and interchangeability of the indicators with respect to the performance, sales, assortment, and performance of the fuel;

e) the recognition of the internal reserves of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the occasion of the release of products and sales, as well as the fragmentation of the visits of the whole and effective Victoria.

For a round-trip analysis, a round-up statistic is about viral products (f. 1-p), as well as planned materials and more information and accounting, more information and more about operational and periodic information. Bazhano is also aware of the surplus of unfinished work, finished products at the warehouse and goods and services (f. 1).