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Accounting region - Sopko V.V.

A. Fundamentals of the accounting region (zagalna theory)

A.1. Conceptual ambush the term "Accounting Region"

A.1.1. Entrance Zauvazhennya

For normal functioning, be it the Lanka of the market economy, you need to know that the participants, accept the truth, the Mali truthful about the mine, the poor information and the financial stability, the result is a lot of money. First and foremost Danish) Yak in their own right, so in the partner. Taku іnformatsіyu nadakhe more system of accounting oblіku.

Accounting region yak samostіyna galuz znan formed by the length of thousands (approximately 8 - 9 thousand rock.).

The development of the classic rinkovyh vidnosin zmusiv accounting accountant form is formulated scientifically and legally (approximately in the XII - XIX st.) Vlasnikіv was no longer satisfied with the primitive region at the side-books, like bullets were extended by the length of the trivial hour. For the management of trading companies and banks, the consumer bank and the uninterrupted region are provided by giving bi

Відтак steadily mourned and noskonalyuvalis management functions of the accounting region. Win became a catch of the rosum seizure of an ordinary way to virobnitztw, having shifted to the essential need.

The scope of accounting in the accounting sector is business , organization, establish virological, commercial, credit and banking types of business, and through the account of the public, they are limited

The accounting region of the year is the whole system of uninterrupted, personal and interconnected competition for the cross-linked products (for the sake of superelevation) of the suspended product and for the main reasons that are different, I have to rely on them for the most part. The meta of such a region is health and systematization of information, and the need for managing the state thanks to the state of the art for that scale. You can kindly state that now a new accounting region has become an unavailable warehouse management system of a private economy. Without it, it’s not impolite to manage to be a kind of a Lanka. No wonder the accounting region is called "my business."

The accounting region is victorious in the following areas: financial, commercial, bank, insurance, in all garages and public hospitals, business and leisure. In leather spheres (types) of duty, in leather goluzі state gifts, accounting area is specific. In addition to the provision of the accounting area єdinі, dіlnі for all kinds of dіyalnostі і in usіh goluzey gospodaruvannya.

The accounting region of the information system is submitted to a private part, such as may be published, closed, and become commercialized. Persha's formє understanding the financial region (economic and legal system), the friend - the internal government (management), and the virobiotic (virobioscience-commerce system) region. Well, to the next position, then stink ониdinі, spіlnі yak for financial, so і for the internal accounting region.