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Accounting region - Sopko V.V.

A.2. The subject of the accounting region and that of the second entity (for the principle of doubleness)

A.2.1. Understanding about the subject of accounting region

One of the main powers of the international theory of accounting is the subject matter. It’s more correct to understand the principle that it’s important that fragments are deemed to be deemed as large as possible, all the power of the theory and practice of accounting is taken into account.

Viznazhennya і rozkrittya of the subject of accounting oblіku needє systemic and historical podhodu. I’ll look at the following rules about the subject of science: the visibility of the subject of the accounting department is all the most important for the accounting department in these areas of suspension. For the main reason, but for the accounting department and the water hour, the function and role for the department in suspension.

On the basis of the present day agreement of the region, which is enlarged by the economic and legal nature of the state grant system, as well as the provincial tradition of the theory and practice, the subject of the most varied, varied, A successful product is the product of a state-donating sub-project, wiring for exchange, or for market.

The range and sub-market of the marketplace of identities should be resisted by one and the same size, as well as by all means (object), from one side, the same right-hand man (sub-act of power of rights) - from the very beginning. And it means, basically, the theory of dualities is at the core of the market and market intelligence. Zgіdno due to her skin value in the accounting region immediately turn in two values ​​- like wart and like power.

A successful product is to take possession of all the material and cultural goods - products of grubbing, dress, inflated, lively, passionate, well-known items that are narrow, laced with a suspended prace for the singing period (hour). In the product of suspension, take the fate of the sphere of suspension (dyalnosti): virobnich, commercial and bank. For the improvement of the suspension product, it is being developed at the sphere of virology, as I want to have such galosies: promislovst (dobuvna, obrobna), thanks to the state, budvnitstvo. In addition, in order to ensure self-sustainability, the product is not a new speech product. All the same galaxy, as a plumbing transport and sound, maintenance service.

For the purposes of the process of creation (virobnostva, exchange, exchange and residency), the skin of the sphere of suspension vidtvorennya (gratitude) is limited to the number of objects that may be incurred. Maino (prazya minulikh rokіv, strengthened in material goods - mischief virobnitsva, objects obigu і і ож ож live, except for a special lane of the population) є the government okremikh sub єktіv і lanok ekonomiki. Gospodarayuyuch structures vikoristovuyut mine as the material basis of their dyalnostі. Control over the appraisal and the ruin of the whole lane (in the case of the most advanced forms) health accounting accountant.

Speech and force of nature — alive and well-praised — syrovin, materials, sand, spare parts, energy, ownership, services and services are expended on viral products of a suspension product; bring them to the lowest possible cost. The accounting area of ​​the image is all the cost involved in the process of creating a suspended product. On the front page, the indicator is to identify the new product, as well as the first to be displayed. It is now possible for you to become a graduate of the accounting department in the lanterns of the sphere of virobnitz.

The product creation is exchanged, but it’s possible to live on the vacancy, so that one part of them will be shared for the exchange of that small business, a friend - for the suspension and special rescue and creation of the reserve reserves and insurance funds. The structure of the exchange and the recognition of the structure of virology. Exchanging the self is the product of virobnitztva - not less for the serpent (as well as exchanging the best results can be violated), and the first for the form of the singing way in the viral way of singling out the form.

The form in which to take the fate of the participants in the exchange of that price, wait for the best laws of the market. The exchange of products for the suspension of the product may be controlled suvoro. Control over the apprehension and the risk of suspension of the product, which should be exchanged and distributed separately from the sub-accounts of the state grants, and the calls of the public accounting department. Through lanka spheres obigu (torgіvlya) vіdbuvaєatsya overdose - the farthest exchange of a covertly exchanged suspension product.

The process of the cost area is large, due to the need for a suspended product, the area for real and large product in natural and natural forms, as well as the right amount of money (goiter and water), if necessary, Іншого - a mustache м a graduate of the accounting department in the lunches of the sphere of obigu (commercial commerce).

Zі spheri obigu (obmіnu) suspension product to reach the spheres of virobenichnogo, nevrobnichnogo and special living.

Virobniche living є completely the process of virobiotic.

A nevirobniche living with one’s needs to protect themselves from the sphere of sanitation, protect their health, manage others and so on, a significant portion of the suspension product is significant for utilization of such vitamins. Since non-viral living things have been prazi (syrovina, materials, sandy skinny) you can live permanently, vibrate and don’t function so that they can be material.

The area of ​​the non-biological sphere of the product, which was lived by the Lanka, so that the area of ​​expenses for the new product, as well as the area of ​​the reserve product in these channels and the budget, are covered by the main budget of the accounting department. A successful product, a kind of sales in the sphere of cooperation with members of the suspension, to go beyond the bounds of the region.

In the process of incurring, exchanging, distributing, and living with a suspended product, you’ll be able to identify the right - rozrahunkovі, credit and that vіdnosini. Oblіk і control over the cymi vidnosiny takozh zdіysnyuє accounting region.

Perelichimo naiistotnіshі warehouses and elements of accounting area, as well as znacheny zmіst yogo subject.

1. Appearance and ruh lane of statehood, which is the material basis of dyalnost.

2. The process of creating (virobnitstva, completing) a suspension product, yogic exchange, rozpodіl and coexisting.

3. Legal - rozrahunkovі, credit and inshі - vidnosini, goiter'yazanny , scho to blame in the process of exchanging money between sub-grants of state donations.

From now on, the subject of the accounting area is mine subnational government grants and losses in the process of distribution, exchange, distribution and the availability of the suspension product, as well as legal provisions (in order to provide the necessary budget, credit). I’m grateful for submission of state donations.

There is such a representation of the vimogam, what is the area of ​​the mother’s image of the state of thanksgiving, the first exchange and the most important elements of accounting in the main state system of primary recognition. In addition, the scope of the subject itself is significant, accounting role, its role in the system of market visibility in all countries of the world.