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Investuvannya - Peresada A.A.

1.2. Formy Investment

1.2.1. Financial Investments Features of financial investment

Financial investments are characterized by singing peculiarities, the main ones є:

  • victoria in two strains: the first is the abolition of pre-tax investment income from the process of profitable cash assets; another - ix of the protest;
  • giving subunit submission to the wide range of instruments for investing on the scale “income - income” and “income - income”;
  • on a daily basis with the financial infrastructure of the financial market, the most effective monitoring of the financial investment process.

Sub'kkt pіdpriєmnitsky dіyalnostі moge zdіysnyuvati finansovoe іnvestuvannya in such forms:

  • invested capital to statutory funds in private enterprises;
  • invested capital at pributki see groshih tools;
  • invested capital in the business and see stock tools.