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Culturology - T. Gritsenko


The culture of antiquity ponad three thousand people, having replaced the gliboky word in the history of humanity. Navalies of barbarism and pan-Christian Christian ideology were not able to permanently erase the following status of civilization. The antique tradition of Nicholas was not broken, Ale took it, and for an hour it was not unavoidable for me to form: Vitori Grecian and Roman sculptors in Boulevard ’Ideal (for example, aka“ Class ”) for the whole культур European cultural period - Renaissance. Europe and the American civil society have witnessed the birth of science knowledge, the norms of power and rights and Christianity.

4.1. Ancient Culture, Characteristic Features and Features

Antiquity at once from the civilism of the Old Church Descent є the warehouse part of the culture of the Old Church. The term “antique” (<Latin Latin antiquus, ancient), was introduced by the Italian culture of the age of Vidrodzhenny for the signification of a long-standing Greek-Roman culture from XII Art. BC up to V Art. not. It is accepted that the Greek period of ancient culture ends with the fall of Corinth at 146 p. BC, and Roman - pid onslaught of barbarians at 475 p. not. The history of ancient culture - the whole history of formality, development, decay and the ruins of old suspensions, were found in the minds of the slave-fret fret in the Middle Sea region, the Black Sea region at the end of the second. BC until the middle of the V century n.a., as in the cultural context of the world, get involved in the noses of cultural values, even more closely related to the presently European cultural tradition.

Before the Great Midsummer Vivichennaya Role and Other Ancient Cultures at the Historical and Historical Period. The antique culture of the warehouse пер two periods - a long time old culture, I’ll save an hour and a half 3 thousand. BC. to І Art. BC that davnorimska, the yak developed in the period of VIII century BC up to V Art. not. The leathery period is unique in its own way, however, the culture of the Old-time Greek loan is okreme mise - there you can see the miraculous images of human genius, they permeated the facets of human life: philosophy, poetry, prose, sculpture, sculpture, architecture. Vaughn gave her a pleiad of brilliant names, such as the playwright Eskhil, Sophocles, Euripides, historical Herodotus and Thucydides, philosophers Democritus, Plato and Aristotle.

Ponad 500 ruling in ancient times Ancient Rome. Over the course of an hour, the Greek and the Immediate alteration of self-tuning culture helped us to penetrate the culture of the greater European nations. At the time of the fall, there was a pontificate of thousands of rocky streets, but the same time as in Europe, the old towns, roads, aqueducts, and the remnants of the old palaces and huge bouts were saved. The culture of Ancient Rome is a prodigious contagion of living in bagatochs of current movs, made on the basis of latinism, at regular rights, in music of European architecture, in sounds and traditions of bagatok people. In this way, having arisen three thousandths of a ponad, the ancient culture has deprived the hybrids of history in their own way.

The basis of long-standing Greek culture was mythology. Yak Persha is the historical form of culture won out at the Old Greek special development. At the time of won the boulder, an inexhaustible dzherel plots and images for poets and sculptors. At the immortal poems “Ilada” and “Odyssey”, the process of developing epic poetry ended, and Hesiod at his “Teogony” gave a systematic picture of the head mythological viruvana Greek. Long ago lyrical poetry, which also originated from the gods of gods, has become a sight for the supreme number of people and moods of people.

Yak і іnshі people, ancient Greeks, worshiped the forces of nature, scholas were settled by the gods of the gods, and the shanuvals of the souls died. On the vision of the people of the Old-Year Descent, the ugly birth is more natural for the ancient Greeks in full of wonderful nature, they formulated a declaration about God as human beings, unparalleled beauty, strength, youth and wisdom. Zhodna Religion did not bring the anthropomorphism of the gods to such a level, like a walnut. Ale, the creatures of the gods on the river іdeala, the stink also put pressure on them to the entangled people with negative brutes. In addition to the number of gods and heroes, the Greeks took great advantage of the spirit: satyr, nymph, other spirit, inhabited by Lisi, streams and fields.

The gods, according to the manifestations of the Greeks, lived on the high mountains of Olimp at Thessaly , for an hour and an hour the fate of the people on the right. The head of the olympic period was the supreme ruler of the gods and people of Zeus , a kind of Roman shanuvali pіd by the name of Jupiter .

Zeus had a retinue of Hera and brothers: Poseidon - Volodar Morіv, G Ades , Abo Aid , Volodіv under the kingdom of the kingdom. Zeus vid Geri and the goddesses of the gods had a decile of children, the foremost middle of which was Afina and Apollon . Apollo, as the god of Soncya, was represented by the goddess Mysyatsya Artemіda , the patroness of the Fox Star and the Bird. Apollon was distinguished by museums - patrons of mysteries: Klio - history, Euterpa - lyric poetry, Taliya - comedy, Melpomena - tragedy, Terpichora - dance, Erato - erotica, pomerania pits of Apollo bulo Muzaget .

Children of Zeus boulevard takozhe Hephaestus - god of bogey th heavenly forge and goddess of beauty Aphrodite . Earth-matir Greeks Shanuvali in the name of the sister of Zeus Demetri . Дї daughter Persephone vikrav Aid , after whom she won became the queen of the kingdom of the kingdom. The skin of spring, if Persephone turned to the ground for a bit of a bawdy with his mother, nature began to revive. God of the grapevine vineyards of Bouv Dionis , abo Bacchus . The sanctuary for the honor of one deity was superconducted with an unauthorized rogue, reaching even nesty. Myth rozpovіdaє about those, like the shanuvalnitsy Dionis, who are relegated to ecstasy, to navigate to the shmatty.

However, religion є unity of Greek people didn’t formulate at once: won’t formulate bow to the forces of nature and shanuvannya ancestors at home and patrimonial rivnas to the assimilation of zagalnatsatsionalnyh cults. However, the Zhoden cult did not repudiate such a life with the Greeks, as the cult of the god Sons Apollo at the focal place of Delphi bіlya pіdnіzhzhya gori Parnas . By its glory the delphic sanctuary of goiters, oracle of the oracle, visitor, who prophesied maybutn. Belya gorges near the skelids, sounds came in a foolish vipari, a priestess Apollona pif_ya was sitting there, in the meantime, she repaired promulgate unobtrusive words; The Delphic oracle, to which the representatives of the great nations had become so much to become famous, became famous far beyond the borders of the Greek community, who often knew the priests of the Delphic Apollo about everything that was known to all of us most often.

Nadileni with especially delicate artistic ideas, the ancient Greeks of special respect pushed for the development of the aesthetic side of their cult, the more mysterious form and styles directly with the development of the ancient culture of the Greek spiritual role. We store songs for the honor of the gods, we have come to see the accompaniment of lyri (kifari), clarinet and flute, the Greeks have performed the original music and the number of rituals, the most important and the most important The sacrifice of the Greeks overturned on their own Benquet, the gods themselves took a certain part, sacred - for fun with dances, fist fights, a big time and so on. So zmagannya in honor of the gods were called agons. The agony was held in the hands of the great masters, while the most popular were corrupted as holy in the Olympics. For a different view, the scale was given to the Pifiiysky Zmagannya at Delphi. Oskilka ellini didn’t spend between their music and sports, I couldn’t get any worse than the competition of musicians, de pid accompaniment of kifari, the participants won the praise for the honor of Apollon, and the year before, they reminded them of music, music, and music. At the Nemeyskiy valley near the city of Cleon, the Nemeyskiy games were played, the athletes started to blink for a while, wrestle at the zmagnans, and on the other hand vibrated music and music. In Іstmіyskiy igra, scho fell into disrepair on the Isthmus of Isthmus, athletes, musicians and singers also appeared. The cream of the oracle of the Delphi and the Olympics of Greece spiritually greeted the story of the heroes, who won the poems from the results of the poetry processing of the works of the folk myths and prayers, we reiterated the differences between them, Naibіlsh vidomimi poeticheskimi poopovidnymi zagalonnatsionnogo znachennogo znachennogo znacheni boules talk about Troyansku vіyna, zіbranі at two great poems Ilіada ада and й Odisseya ’, the authorship of which I will attribute to Slipom to Homer. To bless the Greek generation, stink the bullet with the favorite books, on which the whole generation has violated, formatively respecting the most nationally private.