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Culturology - T. Gritsenko


Sculpture rosette in Kiev and on Liberated Ukraine At the XVIII century. Povezaniy z dіyalіstyu maystrіv Ivan Andriyovich Ravich (1677-1762) th Sisoy Shalmatov.

For the design of the Kyiv City Hall, Ivan Ravich adjusted the serie of the middle oval rails. A monumental donor for the Florivsky monastery, Ravich, having rattled with sculptural alegor statuettes, scho rozpovidayut about the church’s dyalnost. From the narrative relics of nikrashche viscano is “Taєmnu Vespers”.

The sculptor Vіdomiy і rіzbyar on the tree Sisoy Shalmatov є the author of the ikonostas for the cathedral of the Marsky Monastir, close to the town of Luben, who completed the original sculptural group with the chotiry figur on the theme of the legendary legend. Vin Vikonav and the Chotyria Russian ikonostas of the Church of the Intercession in Romny (1768–1773). Robot Shalmatov was entrusted with the work of the Moscow Cathedral in Poltava, in the composition of the ikonostas vin uvv round the sculpture and bas-relief .

The top reach of the sculpture є the reach of the significant European sculptor with a pseudonym Pinzel. We don’t mean much about the old biographical visions of the people, we don’t know anything about them, not at all, as long as we appeared on the subject of the Ukrainian mystery. Ivan Georgiy Pinzel near the middle of the 40s XVIIІІ century was spent at the mat of the tycoon Mikoli Pototsky at the small town of Buchach on Podilli. At Buchachi praciuvav architector Bernard Meretin, nimets for similarities. You could have recommended the sculptor to Pototsky, having transferred the creative work of Maybut to the Mayor’s sp_ln. To enter, with the help of the first Pinsel robots in Buchachi, they began allegorical posting (12) for the encouragement of Meretin Moscow City Hall. Sculptures celebrated the 12 exploits of Hercules and the guilty boules to glorify merit and garlic Mikoli Pototsky. You have saved up to our days. Robot to talk about the monumental talent of Pinzel, his innovative innovative plastic forms. Later, at the first robots, the sculptor showed his creative creativity, rose-like figurative clay sculptures. In the outskirts of Buchach Pinzel, put two monumental kam'yanі figuri of St. John of Nepomuk and the Mother of God, as well as prazuє over the sculptures of the saints for the Intercession Church. Sculptures, scho ikh for the facade of the Cathedral of St. Jura at Lviv in 1759–1761 p .; two great statues of the saints - Athanasius and Leo on the other side of the facade and the figure of St. Jura on horseback in a completed facade to talk about the characteristics of the innovative approach to the monumental sculpture.

On okremu respect, the meritorious statue of a bone to the town of Monastirsku in Ternopilshchyna, over the Yakim Pinzel pratsyuvav in 1761r.

The sculpture of the traditional Central European baroque is one of the most beautiful sites of the mystical and historical lands of Ukraine. Highly appreciated, it is impossible not to mean anything, but it’s possible to signify one of the most important moments in the wider mystical culture of the second-European clan on the Right Bank, which has gained the greatest amount of interest.