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Culturology - T. Gritsenko


Шля ший н шля х,, н н Фран Фран Фран Фран Фран Фран Фран Фран Фран Фран Фран Фран Фран Фран Фран Фран шля шля шля шля. A hint of win in the form for the brains of the decay of the old regime, and then for the brains of the tragic struggle against the people of the foreign conqueror. We are looking for and the only option for the mystery of the new hour is the creativity of Francisco Goy. The mystery of Goya was formed for the minds, for the first time, for the great mystery of the great mysteries, the social furnishings of Spain. The country manifested itself as an unbridled, independent, come out of crisis, at Yakiy won the remaining part of the XVIII century. Alevona became a country, de people, incurring the instinctive reverence of national self-protection, having burned out the enemy for the spontaneous force of war against Napoleonic aggression. The very same furnishings allowed the Goya’s zmog to represent the people as the tragic hero of history. Winning is livelier, more passionate, more specific, watery, mysteriously mysterious. Nyu Bula was given a problem, which was before the real painting of the new hour.

Mystery school

Pislya "golden viku" (XVII century) іspanske mysteries of dreams has gained national glory less with the appearance of Goya ( Francisco José Goya-i-Lusєntes ). Yak David in France, Goya for special bachene svidu vidkriv for іspansky mystery to the epoch, having put the cob to the realist painting of the New Hour. Great value is small creativity Goy і for winnichenny romanticism.

Rozkvіt of picturesque Maynosti Goya zvyazaniy z noptretom. The classic national type and the water hour are slightly indivisible, independent, proud, ignited, with a high degree of respect, transferred from the portrait of Isabel Cobos de Porsel. Thonka, the nerve exposed by Dr. Peral; calm and greatness in the guise of a glorious tragic actress on La Tirana; nevertheless, without sacred spirituality, the silver revealing of the royal family ... І, for the first time, the words "Machi" - "Makha drawn in" and "Makha bared", Yakimi Goya sent a blow to the school during his birth.

Goya vidguknuvshis on invasion of the French in Spain, a man could even protest against a small people: the picture "Rebuke 2 grass-roots of 1808 fate" (іspanets at the big brother-in-law with a pink hearted hands). The artist has made the choice of the graphic card “Insurance of the future” - this is a reference document of the heroic struggle of the Spanish people with Napoleon (the dog, the dog must be seen in the middle of the old, the old and the middle of the city). ін.).

After the death of Mitzia, Spain has forgotten its prominent artist. I і tіlki young peredova Franzіya otsіnila іspіntsіta іspantsіya, іnterest before creativity іkogo rygasєy dosі.