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Culturology - T. Gritsenko

8.2.4. Rosіya

The architecture of the first half of the nineteenth century Classicism on the cob of the 19th century

Ha the cob of the XIX century. Fear of enmity is a result of archeological achievements in Italy and the Greek Vinicle of the new classicism in Russia. In Ukrainian culture, classicalism was understood to be simplicity, close to asceticism. Vidatnі equip the cob of the table - Kazan Cathedral (1801-1811) near St. Petersburg (architect A. Voronіkhіn); ensembles of Vasily Island on the territory of Birgi in St. Petersburg (1804-1816) (architect Tom de Tomon ).

First of all, a French mystery of Napoleon’s desire to get in shape is the Russian style - an artistic style, which has beaten the claims of the imperial court of Russia for the status of the capital of the capital and won over 1812 rubles. Provided architects of the whole style - K. Rossi , V. Stasov , O. Monferran . The booths redesigned St. Petersburg at the international empire, removed the symmetry, harmony, proportionality and static, forget about the center, additionally letting the spaciousness of the public practice in architecture.