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Culturology - T. Gritsenko


Musical mystery. Instrumental Music

At the musical culture of Ugorschina of the XIX century virіznyaєsya post pіanіsta-vіrtuoz th prominent romantic composer Ferenc Liszt . Liszt Buv is also a prominent teacher, a huge djyach, a music critic and a writer.

The sheet, having written a great do-it-yourself program for the orchestra and especially bagato p'єs for the piano. Win reclave for piano create Bach, Schubert, Beethoven. Widely imagined fantasies of the music of open-air operas, as well as rhapsodies, are mainly based on Ugrian melodies. Please also create a program for List, if you want to play hostilities in Italy and Switzerland in three places with the title “Rocky Mandruvan”. Especially popular is the first protection, because it is connected with nature paintings as well as folk legends of Switzerland (for example, “The Capel of Wilhelm Tell”), and of the other, written for the enemies of the famous writers Petrarch. Miracles etudes Lista on those natures or on a fantastic plot. The list of prazuvav also in the genre of vocal music. You can lay down miracles for you.