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Political economy - Bєlyaev O.O.

§ 2. Pіdprimstvo yak is the main structural unit of pidprіmnitsky dіyalnostі

Under the terms “on business” the independence of the state donating statutory sub-contract, certain rights of the legal person and the virology, science-and-commercial and commercial income is obtained. There are a lot of economic and economic signs: first and foremost, virobnichestvo products and any service for satisfying the consumer needs; in a different way, gaining a profit (income). The understanding of such understanding: the organization form of business; economical form of business; type of business.

Organizational form of business - a way to interchange the number of productive forces (factor factors). From the point of view of the right of ownership, there may be backwaters, factories, combines, trusts, etc. The economic form of government is the state of the art as well as a specific form, as well as a short-term cooperation. Rational recognition of the economic and organizational forms of business ownership develops between the historical identities of the property, characterizes the type of business: private (business), private business.

On-call at the Zvazichay znayzn know yak company. Nowadays, the economic theory of the company is one side, organization, which will interchange the most recent resources on the product, and on the other hand, it is legally self-regulated, it is recognized With it, the corporation is great, so the company is small.

The role of the company in the current economy

It’s possible to include one company at a time, which will function in any areas of the statehood. The results of the economic dirnality of enterprises have all the problems of the economy.

Firms, redirecting other available resources to the Kintsevsky product, permanently healthy exchanges of such main types of diyal-nosti, which characterize вї freezing in the market state thanks:

  • exchanging pennies for the comrade and the postochalnik’s servants;
  • exchange of goods and services for pennies;
  • exchange of pennies, scho are paid in advance, penniless, rejected at once, investor and tenant;
  • exchanging pennies, schoch to be cried at a time, pennies, schoch will be ripe pіznіshe vіd borzhnikіv;
  • exchanging pennies for comrade and servant (for example, for water, tidying up smitty, protection)

The loan company is the most important in the institutional structure of the economy. The rest includes the institute, like the rink and company. The company will require an active control from the side of the market. Ale ry rinok will need a company, a fragment of the organization of virology in a company can have the necessary result for developing a market economy. Funktsіonuvannya market analysis fіrmi i Je spіvіsnuvannyam in єdinіy rinkovіy ekonomіtsі dvoh tipіv vіdnosin: traditsіyno rinkovih i alternatively vnutrіshnofіrmennih vіdnosin, R. SSMSC Kose traktuє yak vіdnosini svіdomogo regulyuvannya virobnitstva, koordinatsії for efektivnostі yakih vazhlive values ​​mayutsya nerinkovі i Metodi forms (Nakae, special person Dovira , corporate rules, traditions, moral officials). Moreover, the development of this non-marketplace vidnosin R. Coase introduce the laws of the market economy: the rate of market and non-market tones are denoted by the collapse (shortened) of the higher transaction.

The behavior of the company (market) on the market is of great importance for the largest group of sub-sectors: home state governments, powers, foreign partners and competitors. Vivchennya behavior of firms є the need for mental intelligence to be worked out by economic agents of adequate resolution yak on mikro- so і makrorіvnі.

Such a company is a foldable bagatogaluzevy complex of industrial, commercial and financial enterprises of the national and international rvn. Smut in ninіshnіy fіrmі - її, the frame components: pіdpriєmtsі, manager vchenі, іnzheneri, robіtniki of їh maysternіstyu, profesіonalіzmom, kompetentnіstyu, іnnovatsіynim potentsіalom competitively energієyu, upravlіnskimi novatsіyami scho spiraєtsya to specific materіalno tehnіchnu base-i actual values ​​funktsіonuyuchogo kapіtalu. Professionals, popularity - better talent and great team.

The company, to its own mercy, is filled with the share of their homeland, wanting to live in the baggage of people from different lands. Firmi nasichuyut rinok vysokoyakіsіnuyu products. Powerful spirals dominate the power politics of macroeconomic stability.

At present, about 50 million enterprises are recognized in the legal economy, they have a significant number of structures, 99% of which belong to a small and medium business. They’re stinking unevenly across continents and territories. Ponad of 20 million company functions in the United States, about 16 million in Japan, about 7 million in Japan, 5 million company in Europe, do not enter until. Quite simply, there are no companies before companies: 20 million found and other companies can’t be replaced by 500 of the largest, most concentrated in direct science and traditional virobnitz.