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Political economy - Bєlyaev O.O.

§ 4. Economic cycles: daily, see. ECONOMIC CRISIS

Functionality of the market economy, as well as being an economical system, not continuous and uninterrupted. Econo-michne zrostannya hour at an o'clock hour to be stumbled upon by processes of stagnation and recession of obyag_v virobnitstva, because of lower activity of economic (business) activity. So periodichny colibri to talk about the cyclical nature of ekonomichnogo development.

Cyclicity - the form of development of the national economy and the holy statehood is one form. In all, it seems that the rule of law is one of the macroeconomic differences in scale to the whole.

Behind his serpent cycle to finish the bagatostructure. From the point of zoru, it was possible to violate the type of economic cycles: short (2-3 rocky), medium (about 10 rocky) and low (40-60 rocky).

Oskilki is characterized by rice cyclicality - the whole economy is not by stake, but by spiral, then there is a form of progressive розї development. For ordinary minds, cycling can be considered as one way and in self-regulation of the market economy.

Economic cycles (crisis)

In theory, the cycle is interpreted as a period of development of economy and the cob of one crisis before offensive. The economic cycle (in the classic interpretation) includes the following phases: crisis, depression, reprisal and last day, so that you can retain your remaining image in new crises. Demonstrate economic cycles, you can beat for a number of signs - indicators of economic activity, the main ones are: р regular workload of viral needs; succumbing oaths of virobnitstva; Zagalny Rіven Tsіn; occupy the population (unemployment) and income; profits and currencies of shares of the most profitable corporations; dinamika pititu at the comrade trivial coristuvannya; Investments in new buddies are skinny.

The smazy phase is the smallest phase of crises, and the cause is repair and I will complete the cycle. The main signs of the super-hypersurface cyclic process of creation are advanced.

Crisis - in general, the disruption of the imbalance is widely disproportionate. Vidbuvaєetsya hasty drink for a comrade, as well as a winery є an excess of хх propositions. It’s difficult to bring up to speed the growth and growth of unemployment. Reduced plateau population. Usі іkonomіchnі indicators are lost. The payment shall be paid in advance, investment, investment, price. Through the “dead” capital for the non-realized goods sold by the company, the marriage of pennies for the overdue payments is due to the fact that the loan is paid at an extremely quick rate - the interest rate. Courses of valuable folders are falling, the insolation of bankruptcy and mass closing. The crisis will end with the cob of depression.

Depression is the phase of the cycle, which seems to occur in the stagnation of virobnosis. At this stage, it’s easier to do it, you won’t be able to violate, you don’t change. Actually, commodity stocks are available, like winnings for an hour of crisis through the opening of a consumer-friendly meal. Riven of unemployment is too high, ale stable. For the minds of a fast-moving virobnitz, the rate of the interest on interest falls to its minimum value. Protee progressively grows more comfortable and ready to think for the offensive addition of viral and commercial commerce.

I wish you to insignificantly take the oath of virobnitva (for the most part), and remember the speed of unemployment. First of all, we’ll get to know more about the benefits, increase investment in a new, productive technology, I’ll get it right now, and I need more money for it, but I’m better off. Acting oath virobnitsva dostaє anteriorly the most attractive rivia and economy entry in the p_dnesennya phase.

Pіdnesennya (zrostannya) - this is the phase of the cycle, if I take the oath of virobnost, I take the oath of the anterior cycle and zrosta at a high pace. I’m going to take new business, to take interest, to get active, to drink on the basis of good living, to get that income, to increase the interest rate, to save money, to accelerate the profit. In this way, a justified economic boom, a twist of an economical growth, a yak, a prote, and even laying the foundation for an offensive new crisis, which will end the cycle, are created.

The erotuvannya of chotiriphase structures to the cycle was blinded by K. Marx. Graphically presented in Fig. 4, de OA - the main line for developing virology for a significant period; Q - oath of virobnitstva; t is the hour; Sun - laman of the line of phases of the cycle.

Phases of an Economic Cycle

Fig. 4. Phases of the economic cycle

Organizational value of the cycle manifests itself in the fact that in the first phase of the skin, form the mind for the transition to the current. With this, such a transition is mainly based on ambushes of market regulators, since, as a rule, it is automatic. Slіd zaznachiti scho crisis vіdrіznyaєtsya od torn down rіvnovagi mіzh popitom i propozitsієyu on whether yaky product chi in okremіy the Branch tim, scho Won vinikaє in klasichnomu rozumіnnі yak zagalne nadvirobnitstvo, yak suprovodzhuєtsya strіmkim padіnnyam tsіn, bankrutstvom bankіv i Masov zupinkoyu that rozorennyam of companies, growth unemployment is skinny. Take a look at two tipi crises: crisis of supranational and crisis of unsubstantiated. So, the remaining boulders characteristic of the 90s for the whole country of the CIS, including Ukraine, de-coupled the oath of virobnitz for the rooks, became ponad 3/5.

Particularly relief in the structure of functions and development of economy is the appearance of middle cycles (they can also be called industrial, or even business). They’re able to stare behind the glibina of the economy and terminology, a stretch of which they can turn around at the precrisis camp.

Reasons for the Economic Cycle

To clear the point of dawning, the reasons for the average economic cycles are explained. Among them, on the respect of merit:

1) the cycle of engagement, zooming in on the specifics of the sphere of offense — unbeatable at the time of the sale of goods, services and payment for them (more likely the formal is possible, but not the real reason);

2) the main reason for the recession is that it’s super cross-linked by the slushy character of the virology and the private form of personalization of its results (K. Marx, F. Engels and the last posters). They were close to the point of view (up to Marx), who explained the economic recession by explaining to the undeveloped people of significant numbers, like the Bulk Wiklika who were short-lived (J. Gobson, G. Malthus);

3) the cycle of zumovlyuetsya іnvіdnoshennyam optimizm і pesimіzmu in the economic dіyalnostі people (V. Pareto, A. Pigu);

4) the cycle is the result of technical innovation, which will help us to invest, and the rest of them will have to pay a new day (J. Schumpeter);

5) the cycle of zooming is oversensitive and unstable investment in virobnitstvo (J. Keynes);

6) the cause of the cycle є unavailability of income between a small capital and a position (I. Fisher).

Independent of the approach to income, practically all of the concepts and concepts are considered, and the economic cycle is one of the root causes. Tse - so the title of the international theory. Along with theories, in order to clarify the economic cycles of the other reasons - for example, in addition to winter sleepy activity, which can lead to neurosis in the city state thanks to a mysterious economic decline; wines and great political shocks; to learn new territories (I’m zooming in on the world of migratory work), they are called external.

Characteristic features of the middle cycle of writing Other Other Events є:

  • in the first place, the speed of the third triviality, which is effectively tied to the dynamism (change of periods) of the main capital in the minds of scientific and technological revolution;
  • in another way, there is a need for a last-minute traversal of the traditional phases of the cycle, a phase of the phase of the day. Racing cycles, if the phase has been added (without the previous day), a new crisis has arisen;
  • in the third, the change of the ruinous nature of the crisis. Tsomu spriyu і dosvіd sovereign anticyclical regulation, piling up of lands with a broken ekonomikoy.

For short cycles, on a long cycle, in the middle triviality (as a rule, how to function the main capital), the material basis is process, which is to be seen at the sphere of small grooves. The stinks are characterized by a special intensive and warm welcome and they can either overlap with the promises (middle) crises, or else they will behave for their complete absence.

Dovgi cycles (havil)

Dovgostrokovі cycle rivivaniya in ekonomіtsi vcheni-ekonomіsti viyavili shche in the other half of the XIX century. One of the first дос б л дос л ник ник ник ник ник б ув ув English economist U.S. Dzhevons. Surround the aspects of the cycle, but do the same thing, even to the extent that it is necessary to consider.

A special role is played by the Russian scientist M.D. Kondratyev in the theory of theory. Win in the 20s of the 20th century having published a number of analitical practices, in some practical ways a bag factor analysis of the economical development of the United Kingdom, France and the United States for a period of 100-150 years. Theory of the Conquest of Kondratyev’s Small Essentials for the furthest newsletter of the current scientific report.

For the sake of theory, in the first place, scientific and technical progress develops in a similar manner with cycles in 50-60 rockets. In a different way, the material basis is the economic improvement in the structure of the technical and technological improvement of the capital goods and the professional and quantitative public relations. Thirdly, in the structure I completed the cycles of M. Kondratiev viocramming two steps, but two phases of development, - I’m losing and losing.

The highest phase of the cycle is the period of the pre-hour day of science-technology and economic development of suspension, a kind of triangulation of 25 to 30 rock. In Denmark, a period of non-inclusive cycle economy and crisis, as if you want to be called up, speak on the level of completing the final weekday conference.

The declining phase of the cycle is the period of the basic technical and technological ambushes of the virobiotic system. Such a period of triangulation is 20–25 years and for a new characteristic of conversion processes of an economic structure that is adequate to a technologically advanced level.

Thus, the theory of cycles is emphasized on the explanation of who, in economics, buys trivial periods of higher economic activity. The tendency toward economical growth is obscured by the possibility of counter-tendency in the vision of recessions in the middle cycle, including the increase in visibility. Vidpovidno, and the tendency to downgrade on a declining etapi dyvykh cycles didn’t exclude the weekly period in the middle cycle.

In our country, then the economy of the 1990s extended to interchange and interruption in the most economical crisis, but it is not cyclical, but pre-conquered. There is a slight recession, reasons: first and foremost, ruining the same social-economic system (administrative-command) and the form of the primary (rinkovo); in a different way, the destruction of the colossal є One People’s Podarsky complex within the framework of the SRSR (although I want some technical structure that is technically technologically unintelligible); in the third place, by the practical non-perception of transformational processes in macro- and micro-economy for the minds, if the national economy is formed and parallel to the process of state-creation. Є Bagato of the main reasons for the all-inclusive social and economic crisis in Ukraine, if there are any differences in current topics.