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Marketing Basics - Kotler Philip


The concept of "market" finally leads us to the final concept of the cycle? "Marketing." Marketing is a human activity, one way or another related to the market. Marketing is working with the market for the sake of exchanges, the purpose of which? satisfaction of human needs and needs. Thus, we return to our definition of marketing as a type of human activity aimed at satisfying needs and requirements through exchange.

The exchange process requires work. Those who want to sell need to look for buyers, identify their needs, design appropriate products, market them, store, transport, negotiate prices, etc. The basis of marketing activities is such activities as product development, research, communication , organization of distribution, pricing, deployment of service.

Although it is generally believed that marketing? lot of sellers, buyers are also engaged in it. Housewives carry out their own “marketing” when they are searching for the goods they need at prices that they are willing to pay. In search of scarce goods, the supplier of the company has to look for sellers and offer them attractive terms of the transaction. The seller’s market is such a market in which sellers have more power and where buyers are the most active “market players”. Buyer Market ? it is such a market in which buyers have more power and where sellers have to be the most active “market players”.

In the early 50s, the supply of goods began to overtake the growth in demand for them, and marketing began to be associated with sellers trying to find buyers. The author of the book adheres to this particular point of view and analyzes the marketing problems that arise for sellers in the conditions of the buyer's market.