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Marketing Basics - Kotler Philip

Marketing management concepts

We described marketing management as the fulfillment of a number of tasks to achieve the desired sales levels in different markets. But here questions arise. What concept should guide these marketing efforts? What is the comparative importance of the interests of the organization, customers and society? Indeed, often neither interests conflict with each other. It is obvious that all marketing activities should be carried out within the framework of a single concept.

There are five main approaches on the basis of which commercial organizations conduct their marketing activities: the concept of production improvement, the concept of product improvement, the concept of intensification of commercial efforts, the concept of marketing and the concept of social and ethical marketing. These concepts embody different periods in the history of the American economy and the main social, economic and political changes over the past 50 years. General development trend? shifting the emphasis from production and goods to commercial efforts, to the consumer, and an increasing focus on consumer problems and social ethics.