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Marketing Basics - Kotler Philip

Chapter 1. The Social Foundations of Marketing: Meeting Human Needs


After reading this chapter, you should be able to:

1. Define marketing and talk about its role in the economy.

2. Compare the five approaches to marketing management.

3. Tell what exactly the buyers, sellers and ordinary citizens expect from the marketing system.

4. Explain how organizations use marketing.

The daily impact of marketing on consumers

Marketing affects the interests of each of us on any day of our lives. We wake up when Sire’s clockwork starts on Barbra Streisand’s song, followed by a United Airlines flight for a vacation in Hawaii. In the bathroom, we brush our teeth with Colgate paste, shave with a Gillette razor, freshen our mouths with the Listerine antiseptic, spray our hair with Revlon varnish and use many other toiletries and accessories made in different parts of the world. We put on Calvin Klein jeans and Bass boots. In the kitchen, we drink a glass of Minit-Made orange juice, pour crispy Kellogg rice into a plate, and fill it with Borden milk. After a while, we drink a cup of Maxwell House coffee with two teaspoons of Domino granulated sugar, while chewing the Sara Lee bun. We buy oranges grown in California, coffee imported from Brazil, a newspaper made from Canadian wood, and the news reaches us on the radio already from distant Australia. Parsing mail, we find in it the Metropolitan Museum’s trade catalog, a letter from the sales representative of the Prudential insurance company offering various services and coupons that save money when buying our favorite branded goods. We leave the house and drive to the Northbrook Court shopping center with the Neumann-Marcus, Lord and Taylor, Sire department stores and hundreds of shops full of floor-to-ceiling goods. Then we work out in the Nautilus fitness center, get a haircut in the Vidal Sassoon salon, and with the help of Thomas Cook travel agents we plan a trip to the Caribbean Sea.

All this was made possible thanks to the marketing system, and with minimal effort on our part. She provided us with a standard of living that our predecessors could only dream of.