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Marketing Basics - Kotler Philip

Marketing research scheme

To understand the company's customers, its competitors, dealers, etc., not a single market leader can do without marketing research. The brand manager for a large company such as Procter and Gamble orders three to four such studies annually. Smaller marketing managers do this less often. A growing number of non-profit organizations are finding that they also need marketing research. The hospital wants to know if people living in its service area are positive towards it. The college is trying to figure out what image it has in the eyes of school counseling counselors. A political organization wants to establish what voters think of its candidates.

Managers resorting to marketing research should be familiar enough with their specifics in order to be able to receive the necessary information at an affordable price. Otherwise, they may allow the collection of unnecessary information or the necessary information, but with prohibitive costs or misinterpret the results. Managers can attract highly qualified researchers, for in their own interests? receive information that allows you to make the right decisions. It is equally important that managers know the marketing research technology well enough and can easily participate in its planning and subsequent interpretation of the information received. This section describes the five main stages of marketing research (see Fig. 18). We will illustrate them with an example.

Marketing research scheme

Fig. 18. The scheme of marketing research

A few years ago, Allegheni Airlines was an airline serving local lines in the eastern United States. However, in the late 60s? In the early 70s, the company managed to expand its routes. The merger with two small airlines and the abolition of state regulation in the field of air transportation allowed Allegheni to build routes in 25 states, the District of Columbia and some parts of Canada. Nevertheless, its competitors, such as United Airlines, Trans World Airlines, and American Airlines, the public knew better and preferred them. Allegheny needed a new advertising campaign with which people would learn about the growth of the company. However, in order to develop the most effective campaign, the company's marketing department had to conduct extensive research in order to learn as much as possible about the linear airline market.