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Marketing Basics - Kotler Philip

Issues for discussion

1. Using the example of advertisements for cars, show how advertising focuses on one or more of the main factors affecting consumer behavior.

2. Tell us about the influence of factors of the cultural level (culture, subculture and social status) on the consumer's choice of department stores for shopping.

3. Tell us about the levels of needs in the Maslow hierarchy, for the satisfaction of which the following products are designed: a) smoke indicators, b) automatic long-distance telephone communication, c) insurance, and d) autogenic training.

4. A consumer choosing supermarkets for everyday shopping is at the stage of evaluating options. What factors, in your opinion, will be especially important for most consumers when choosing a supermarket (name three factors in order of decreasing importance)?

5. Having received the task to develop a model of consumer behavior, what variables and / or relations would you include in it, in addition to the ones discussed in this chapter?

6. Relate the steps in the purchasing decision process to your recent purchase of a pair of shoes.

7. For what purpose is the purchase reaction stage included in the purchase process model?