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Marketing Basics - Kotler Philip

Issues for discussion

1. When the Cadillac-Simarron model appeared on the market, representatives of the Cadillac company said that they were ready to consider the sale of the entire batch released to be a complete failure, if only Cimarron would diverge exclusively among the company's traditional customers. The director of the trade incentive service explained it this way: “After all, our sellers will tell some buyers that this machine is not for them.” Explain this trading argument in terms of market segmentation.

2. What are the three steps sellers overcome when approaching the market?

3. Having completed the process of market segmentation, the organization should begin to study the components of the marketing mix. Comment on this statement.

4. What demographic variables (in addition to gender and age) do the brewing industry use when segmenting the market? Tell us about them and at the same time name the main segments of the beer market when breaking it down on the basis of the desired benefits.

5. In place of the manager of a bulk transport company, how would you use benefit-based segmentation to attract the attention of potential passengers?

6. Differentiated marketing is always the best run-up to targeted marketing. Comment on this statement.

7. If Levi wants to replenish its assortment with everyday women's skirts, how will it carry out the process of market segmentation and targeted marketing?