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Marketing Basics - Kotler Philip

The decision to expand the boundaries of the use of the brand

The boundaries of the use of the successful brand name can be expanded. We define a strategy for expanding the boundaries of the brand as follows:

A strategy for expanding the boundaries of a brand is any attempt to use a successful brand name when introducing modifications to a product or new products onto the market.

Following the success of Quaker Oats with Cap'n Crunch flakes, she used this vintage name and painted character to enter the market with a new assortment of tiled ice cream, T-shirts, and other items. Armor used the brand name of its Dial soap for a variety of other products that would otherwise be difficult to distribute. Honda Motor Company took advantage of its brand name when launching a new motor lawn mower. Expanding the boundaries of the brand helps the manufacturer save a lot of money on the promotion of new brand names and provides an instant brand recognition to a new product. On the other hand, if the novelty is not liked, this can change for the worse the attitude of consumers to all other goods sold under the same brand name.