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Marketing Basics - Kotler Philip

The main types of classification of goods

When choosing marketing strategies for individual products, a marketer has to develop a number of product classifications based on the characteristics inherent in these products.

Durable goods, non-durable goods, services

According to the degree of inherent durability or tangibility, goods can be divided into the following three groups5:

Durable goods are tangible goods that usually withstand repeated use. Examples of such products include refrigerators, machine tools, and clothing.

Non-durable goods - tangible goods that are fully consumed in one or more cycles of use. Examples of such products are beer, soap, salt.

Services - objects of sale in the form of actions, benefits or gratifications. Examples of such products include a haircut at the hairdresser or repair work.

(Due to the fact that in modern society services are becoming increasingly important, their marketing will be described in detail in Chapter 19.)