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Marketing Basics - Kotler Philip

Decision on the quality of branded goods

When developing a branded product, the manufacturer must decide on the level of quality and other distinctive features that will ensure the maintenance of the brand's position in the target market. One of the main positioning tools that a seller has is the quality of his product. Quality is the estimated ability of a branded product to perform pus functions. The concept of quality includes the durability of the product, its reliability, accuracy, ease of operation, repair and other valuable properties. Some of these characteristics lend themselves to objective measurement. However, from a marketing point of view, quality should be measured in terms consistent with customer perceptions.

The quality problem is attracting increased interest today from both consumers and firms. Americans are amazed at the quality of Japanese cars, Japanese electronics, as well as European-made cars, clothes and food. Many consumers prefer to buy clothes that wear longer and look longer elegant than trendy items. They show more interest in fresh and nutritious foods, cheeses, delicacies and less - in soft drinks, sweets and dinners from frozen semi-finished products. Some firms are already responding to this growing interest in quality, but much more can be done in this direction.