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Marketing Basics - Kotler Philip

Service Form Decision

The market player must also decide in what forms the various services will be provided . First question: what are the prices for each type of service work? Think, for example, what Zenit can offer as a service in arranging the repair of its televisions. She has a choice of three options:

1. Offer a free TV repair within a year of purchase.

2. Sell the service contract to another company.

3. Do not offer repair services at all, leaving freedom of action for repair specialists.

In addition, Zenit can offer repair services themselves in one of three options:

1. Hire and train your own repairmen and distribute them throughout the country.

2. Agree that repair services will be provided by distributors and dealers.

3. Leave repair work to independent organizations.

Each type of service can be provided in different ways. And the decision of the company will depend on the preferences of customers, and on the approaches used by competitors.