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Marketing Basics - Kotler Philip

Organizational Image Assessment

The first step in the image assessment process is to identify the current image of the organization among key contact audiences. An image is a representation of an object held by a person or group of persons. Different individuals may have different images of the same object. An organization can either be content with its image in the eyes of the public, or discover the existence of serious problems in connection with it.

Image Planning and Monitoring

The next step requires the organization to formulate the image that she would like to have. Moreover, the organization should not strive for the "impossible." Suppose a management consulting firm decides that it wants to look more innovative, more welcoming, more competent and larger.

After that, the company develops a marketing plan designed to achieve a shift in the current image towards the desired. Suppose she wants to focus on strengthening her reputation as a competent company. The main thing that the company should do is, of course, to hire more qualified consultants. If she already has highly qualified consultants, but they are hidden from others, it is necessary to provide these people with greater fame. Such consultants should be encouraged to join various industry and business associations, make speeches, write articles and conduct public seminars on “fashionable” emerging issues8.

The firm should periodically repeat surveys of its audiences in order to establish whether its actions contribute to the improvement of this image. Change cannot happen immediately because of limited funds and the “stickiness” of public images. If the company is not making progress, then there are some defects either in its activity itself or in the organization of its communications.