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Marketing Basics - Kotler Philip

Service Classification

Services vary significantly in type. They can be classified according to various criteria. First, are people or cars the source of the service? A psychiatrist practically does not need equipment, but a pilot needs a plane. Among the services that the person is the source of, there are those that require either the presence of professionals (accounting, management consulting), or qualified specialists (plumbing, car repair), or unskilled labor (street cleaning, lawn care). Among the services provided by the machine are those that require either automatic machines (automatic washing machines, vending machines), devices operated by relatively low-skilled operators (taxis, movie theaters), or equipment operated by highly qualified specialists ( airplanes, computers) 4. Even in the same particular service industry, different service providers use different amounts of equipment. To do this, it’s enough to compare James Taylor with his only guitar and the Rolling Stones band with its multi-ton set of sound equipment. Sometimes equipment gives the service additional value (stereo amplification), and sometimes it is used to reduce labor requirements (automatic installations for car washing).

Secondly, is the presence of the client mandatory at the time of the provision of the service? When conducting an operation on the brain, the presence of the client is mandatory, but when repairing a car, no. If a customer is required, the service provider must take into account the customer’s requests. So, the owners of beauty salons beautifully finish their facilities. In the salons, soft music sounds, and the masters conduct a relaxed conversation with customers.

Thirdly, what are the reasons for purchasing a service by a client? Is the service intended for personal needs (personal services) or business needs (business services)? Doctors charge different fees for examining patients who come privately and employees of the company with which a corresponding agreement on centralized care with centralized payment is concluded. As a rule, service providers develop different marketing programs for personal consumption and business services markets.

Fourth, what are the motives of the service provider (commerce or non-profit activity) and in what form the services are provided (individual services or public services)? The combination of these two characteristics results in a completely different type of service organization. It’s clear that the marketing programs of a private commercial hospital, a private charity hospital, and a war veteran’s hospital will be different.