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Іstoriya Ukraine - Subtelny Orest


Rosorosity and disorganization of bilshoviki in Ukraine, even May іsіlі rіk, got ready to be turned on if yіmtsі signals іh on the cob 1918 r. In the midst of food, we stood before them, who found the best organization: who do you want to do the Ukrainian party, how to bring your popularity to Ukraine, and how to have a regional and traditional center? At the party at the party in Taganroz, de redeployment of the bots to Ukrainian M. Skrypnik and the so-called Kyiv faction (sensitive to national food), they voted for the approval of the Ukrainian party. Alone in the streets of Ukraine, which was clicked in Moscow for formal partying of the Communist Party (Party) of Ukraine (CP), the mountain was taken up by the strongest tendencies. Taganrozka’s resolution was dismissed, and the Communist Party (b) U was overwhelmed by the majority of the Russian party’s central authority in Moscow.

The fall of the getmansky department, the evacuation of the nimtsiv and the winnings The directors called up to the new super-middling mid-bishovik. One fraction in the group, with Dmitry Manuilsky and Volodimir Zatonsky, respected that most of the Ukrainian people were weak (there were more than 4364 of them in 1918, they had to be able to negotiate the rest of the season, and we had to talk about it) replacement of their own organization. Insha group at the age of Pyatakov and Antonovym Ovsіnkom turned to Lenina with the pranked offensive attack, so as not to give the Director a firm footing. 20 leaf fall 1918 p. Pislya Dovgykh Vagan Moscow sanctioned the approval of the new Ukrainian Radyansky detachment. The bed of the yogi having enchanted Pyatakov, ale zgodom yogo zmіniv russification Bulgarian Bulgarian Rumun Khristian Rakovsky. May all the important plantings in the squad were occupied by the Russians. In the chest of bolsheviks, boules are ready to distribute to your friend a request for conquering Ukraine.

On the other hand, there was a reserve of bilshovitsky power at the Antonov-Ovsіnkom station, with only a few corrals of the Red Army and a separate irregular form. Proteas in the world of the swallowing up of guerrilla corrals in Ukraine threw one by one the Director and infuriated to the bolsheviks. Sich 1919 p. in front of the bilshoviks, having fallen to Kharkiv, and 5 fierce stinks entered to Kyiv. Todd õhhnі vіyska registered 25 thousand Cholovik. But for the offensive children, if they had the two most partisan otamans - Grigor’s i Makhno, they’ve stolen the most. To the worm, scrolling around to the house, removing the house order to the great part of Ukraine.

Another Ukrainian Radyansky detachment wiped out for about seven months. For one hour you won’t go down no less than critical pardons, lower your ranks, and you’ve been reluctant to rule Ukraine. Tsey detachment, formations it is crucial that Russia, the representative of the older non-Ukrainian people, having been silly to conduct policies in Ukraine, have been tested in the minds of Russia, without looking at those who have won over the world. Yogo Rosіyska Orіntatsіya due to obvious obviousness appeared in action, calling Yak Lenin “a baptismal campaign along the bread”. At 1919 p. rossyski mіsta vidchuvali gostr nestach kharchiv, that to Ukraine bulo virajeno 3 thousand Robotnik from Moscow and Petrograd, as if they were picking grain - even more so by itself, as a rule they were robbing nimtsi - if necessary, we indulge in force. Ale bіlshoviks have come down to the hirsch’s pardons. The stench made an offensive against the bourgeois principle of private power as a gentry to reinforce collective gratitude. Yak i can bullishly matched, so that they didn’t outnumber the kurkuliv, but the middle peasant.

Rakovsky’s squad also ousted self-awareness of Ukrainian intelligence, like, for example, wrestling, thinking about the management of Ukrainian culture and culture. With vidpovіd criticism on the contrary, the bolsheviks let down a fearsome and independent czak Check for couples with Latvian Martіn Latsіs, a yak for surely approved the “class vorogov”. It was unimportant to pass on the tricks of the boulder: the villagers partisani, who were less than the killers were fighting on the bots, now they wrestled the Ukrainian social-democrats by wrestling them. It became especially virshalnym to become the leader of the army of great birch at the sole with Grigor’vim and Makhnom. Until the summer of May, the whole Ukrainian village was filled with rebel against the bolsheviks.

Tsey have a moment in Ukraine tearing down the vernal zagarbnik. At Chervona from Don, the Bila Army went on the offensive with General Denikim , and as far as the limestone , they flooded the great part of Livoberezhya. The water hour went on the offensive reorganized by the army of Petliuri on the Right Bank. Negative chiniti opir, bilshoviks for the punishment Lenina was likewise in the middle of sickle in 1919 p. another Ukrainian Radyansky detachment, and the greater number of members turned to Moscow. Zgaduyuchi talked about a friend for two rockies, a defeat in Ukraine, a member of the colossal order Manuilsky revered with roscharuvannyam: “I skinned the corpse of a theater corpse in Ukraine, so that, having gone on tour, you will turn to Moscow”.