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Investuvannya - Peresada A.A.

1.2.5. Інноваційна investment form

Innovation is one of the same forms of investment, as in this case there is a way to achieve the science and technology in the social sphere.

Інноваційна діяльність including:

  • VIP start and sale of fundamentally new types of technology and technology;
  • progressive mid-structural damages;
  • realization of pre-graduate science and technology programs with trivial terms of payback vitrat;
  • financing fundamental fundamentals through the method of building the most important systems of the productive forces of the country;
  • Development of new resource-saving technologies, which are hidden on the basis of the economic and environmental camp.

Pіd іnnovatsіyami rozumіyut contribution to the investment capital of the new introduction, so as to bring up to the small and the same reduction of the legal (virobnichy) dyalnostі.

Preparation, training, mastery and control of the investment of the new and innovative processes . The main features of the є cycle ’, the realization of the new introduction and the extra high step, the lower level of success of the new product are new (almost 9%).

The innovative cycle will cover the whole complex of vidnosin virobnitstva that is realized and is a period of people’s ideology to commercial realizatsii. Win including such basic etapi:

  • dosljennya;
  • sowing;
  • preparation to virobnitstva;
  • virobnitstvo;
  • realizatsiyu.

At present, there are no forms of sovereign regulation of innovation processes. Okremі company and corporations also conduct political and investment policies at their preferred form. However, in all the falls, the main goals of the innovation policy are to stimulate the innovation activity and the development of the science-and-technology potential.

The State Innovation Policy is confined to the establishment of a friendly and economical climate for healthy innovation processes and the main reason for this is the field of “pure” (academic) science and science.

The role of the state’s power in the sphere of innovation is, as a rule, reduced to completing the following functions:

  • syryanyu science development that її practical zososuvannya;
  • training of science and engineering personnel;
  • health of a different kind of programs, directing to a private activity of an innovative business, within the boundaries of a single state program;
  • state of authority - by the main rank in the form of the contract for the implementation of science and research and pre-engineering robots (NDKR), so as to secure a coop drink;
  • stimulation of growth of efficiency and the need for adoption of innovative solutions in the form of companies from the side of the sovereign financial institutions of those organs of the vested authority;
  • in the middle, in the management of effective academic cooperation in applied science, as well as in stimulating the cooperation of industrial corporations and in the universal field of CDD.

Form the flood of power in the innovation sphere, directly and indirectly. Спx spіvvіdnoshennya vnazyvaetsya ekonomіchnuyu situation in Ukraine and the vibrator in the sound of this concept of sovereign regulation. The remaining can be butted out on a marketplace, but is straightened out on a centralized basis.

Direct methods of sovereign regulation of innovation and health in administrative forms and in full forms. The administrative form of regulation is directly subsidized through state-owned programs of new innovations, in addition to the small number of science-based companies, the establishment of systems of state contracts for the purchase of small goods and financial instruments. Tsilove financial means - one of the elements of a system of contractual loans, for which you can get along with the assistants and the middle managers.

Indirect methods aimed at stimulating innovative programs and developing smart minds for innovative activities. To lay them:

  • liberalization of tax and depreciation policies (for example, in the USA, tax and depreciation of deposits reduce up to 20% of vitamins for VAT);
  • social infrastructure development, including the form of a single information system in the country.

Basic etapi development of innovation:

  • development of a comprehensive social and economic and science-and-technology forecast; development of a country for a pre-graduate perspective;
  • Dovgotermіnove forecast;
  • formulations of strategic and state programs, new programs for the most important sectors of the economy and social development, such as health and health care, pharmacology, weekly materials and technology, public health;
  • the establishment of a system of organs of regulation of the international innovation, repairing the structures of the national competition and the management of the organization, as well as ensuring the control and implementation of singing performance at all management levels;
  • form of measure of science mortgages;
  • Establishment of an effective mechanism for the concentration of science and technology resources at priority strains and on a larger scale of financial projects, including the acquisition of foreign funds and those of many international projects.

Powers of comprehensive science and technology programs that are designed to innovate for the budget of the state, and galvanized programs for the cost of business and organization.

The Ukrainian State Innovation Fund (DIF) has been established in Ukraine, 27 regional regions are located in the warehouse (in the skin region, the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol), competitions are held, and I have no reason to forget about them , offices, scho zatsykavlenі in the implementation of their projects. Koshti DIF are formed for the breech of vidrahuvan pіdpriimstva and organization with rozmіrі 1% of the total sales of products sold in the form of sales , of a 0.3% overdone to the central body of DIEF, a% 0.7.