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Investuvannya - Peresada A.A.

3.2.2. Vizneshennya groshovyh streams in neopratsovanih first tributes

At this time, you need to add up the groshy streams at once and not receive the information from the forecast for Maybut about the profit and profit. When looking at the forecast for the sale and operation of vitrates, it is necessary to ensure the following:

  • to fly less than groshy streams, which should be used for inter-state payments, but not for the form of vitrates;
  • groshіvі streams vіd sale vrakhovyvatsya less than Todi, if kli_nti pay dysisno, but not todi, if the accountant zafіksuє fact sale;
  • to be paid for supplementary donations, enriched by supplementary pennies for the investment project. Do not turn it on to turn on groshy streams for adding money to one of the rocі, in a kind of stench boulevard fuck. More beautifully than transferring money to the oncoming river, if the taxes will be paid together.

Concentrating on cats, you need to maximize your respect for werewolf capital. Win potriben for the implementation of a new project, schob, for example, pay for material and virological stocks, but in addition I can help customers pay for goods or services from credit. Revolving capital includes all the necessary assets, necessary for the implementation of the investment project until quiet, so long as the penny is not cleared. A chim who completed a virologic cycle for more than an hour needed to pay for healthy payments, and a larger oath for working capital expenses.