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Investuvannya - Peresada A.A.

6.6. Practical employment and control power

Busy 1

1. Material and technical security of the investment project.

2. A complete set of buds to install. Ways of completing.

3. Vikonannya weekly installation works. Rosrachunks for vicon robots.

Busy 2

1. Meta, see and direct monitoring.

2. The investor’s role in commissioning and juvenile robots.

3. Accepted by the investor of the robot, that is, ready-made objects of the investment.

Control Power

1. What is the capital investment?

2. What is the reason for the assembly process?

3. What are the dzherela financial investments?

4. What is the reason for the transfer of financial and operational leasing?

5. What is monitoring?

6. How can I see monitoring?

6.7. Main terminology

Capitalization and investment

• Complete set

Financial leasing

• Operational leasing

Marketing monitoring

• Financial monitoring

• Technical monitoring

6.8. Literature

1. Transplant A. A. Investment process in Ukraine. - K.:, Libra, 1998.