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Money and credit - Ivanov V.M.


1.1. Money and credit in the system of sciences

" Money and credit " - a general theoretical course, the subject of which is the study of the essence of money and credit, their functions in society, their role in the process of establishing a market economy in Ukraine; the composition of the credit system of our country and the functions of its individual links, as well as consideration of urgent problems of money circulation and lending in the conditions of the economy coming out of the crisis.

When considering the role of money in the economic system in more detail, we can distinguish their micro- and macroeconomic role.

Microeconomics is a branch of economic science that studies the activities of small economic units such as households, business firms and enterprises, and government institutions. All of these business units use cash and bank deposits in their daily business operations.

Macroeconomics is a branch of economic theory that studies large-scale economic phenomena, especially inflation, unemployment, and economic growth. A healthy monetary system is a prerequisite for creating conditions for price stability.