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Money and credit - Ivanov V.M.

test questions

1. The definition of the economic boundaries of the loan.

2. The practical significance of the theoretical development of the economic boundaries of credit.

3. Borders of credit at the macroeconomic level.

4. What are the concepts disclosed the content of economically justified boundaries of lending at the microeconomic level?

5. What are the views in economic theory on the boundaries of credit?


LLC “Most” applied to a commercial bank for a loan and provided the following data on the structure of the property and the sources of its formation (in thousand UAH):

• non-current assets 8175

• short-term bank loans 2200

• inventories 215

• goods 1295

• deferred expenses 90

• payables 5755

• cash 5300

• receivables 3905

• equity capital 11025. Assignment:

• draw up a simplified balance sheet of the enterprise (form No. 1);

• determine the coefficient of financial independence (autonomy);

• determine the coefficient of financial stability (financing);

• determine the current ratio (coverage);

• determine the coefficient of instant assessment (quick liquidity);

• draw up an opinion on the creditworthiness of the client.