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Submission of ZMIN (additional) to the statement

At the time of the winnings (additional) for these non-admission establishments, the signatures for the registration application, such non-admission of goiters are included in the 10-day term (after the admission to the donation document is given for the donation) the symbol “zmіni” or “addition”. Identify the non-admission number when you make the change (add-on) until the statement declare not to be changed.


In case of re-registration in the authorities of non-official ownership and statistics of the non-Pributkov’s institution, the goiter’s tax is set on the 10-day term of the tax to the lender’s authority for miscalculations and is renewed before the reinstatement of the legal requirements for

Skasuvannya signs of non-pributkov set

The inclusion of a non-religious regulation is established by registering with the State Independent Administrative Law at the time of the violation of the non-judicial regulation of the Law and / or of the unlawful legislative acts on non-discrimination.

Turn it on by registering with a hut to give up the above signs of an unprincipled set.