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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

2.3. Specific methods of economizing agricultural enterprises

Coverage of the description of the foreign methods of knowledge, leather galvanization, including the number of agricultural enterprises, specific methods and methods of obtaining the necessary information. The most widespread practical problems were found in such a way as economical, monographic, rozrahunko-constructive, balance sheet, normative, economical-mathematical, experimental, abstract-logical method.

The economic and statistical method of stagnating in the presence of large numbers of processes, processes, facts and trends and regularities of their development. Winnings are even greater, I’m able to establish a strong impression on the factor for the result, see the top officials, and they’ve zoomed in the process of economical processes.

The monographic method of vikoristovitsya for the omnipresent and the first vivchenny okremich of the apparitions, processes and the manifestation of the causal-hereditary sounds of their development. Vin є indispensable with a detailed reach of okremich on the other hand, vibrany yak ob'єkt special special location.

The rozrakhunkovo-constructive method is widely stagnant when predicting and planning virobnosis and economical processes of development. Vin transfer є the development of a varied version of a vocal and economical problem, an assessment with the on-going vibrator of them. The method includes including bagato priyom, in order to ensure the accuracy of economic forecasts and planned indicators.

The balance method is victorious when planning and analyzing the economy on different levels by adjusting the proportionality in the development of the calendar and disregarding the disparity in the delivered process. For some additional help, the temperament and proportionality of the performance at the enterprises, at the galleys are estimated.

The normative method of transferring the development of different economic standards to the cost of material resources, capital, contribution, when I plan and forecast the analysis, analysis of the actual fact.

The economic and mathematical method is secured when optimizing the number of assets as a whole, as well as the size of warehouse aggregate systems, when predicting important parameters of economical development and the most important factor.

The experimental method of transferring the setting up of experiments, I’ll look at a practical croc before theoretically understanding the problems. Experiments of guilty basing on the exact rosaries and real gears. Functionality of the experiments - to confirm the correctness of the theoretical knowledge, specify ix, but please.

Abstract-logical method of victorious at all stages of the solution of economic problems. For other support categories, understanding, economic theory and hypotheses, visions and recommendations are formulated. Tse is the main spiritual instrument of the docher. Even in economics it’s impotent to take a quick look at the science and technology tools (attach, reagents and science), which are widely stony in the natural sciences. Here on the first plan is vistupa abstraction and logic.

The economist is guilty of memory, which is economical - it has a foldable system and the ability to protect the environment, recognize the efficient mechanism, solve the problems, solve the problems and the need for a wider system. And on the other hand, we have a comprehensive comprehensive understanding of all methods of economic development.

In the process of recognition, there are different methods, economic, statistical, monochromatic and economical designations that can be analyzed and economized.

Economic indicators - the whole informational singing song and the most characteristic characteristics of the economic manifestations and processes. On osnovі analіzu rіvnya such pokaznikіv, їh dinamіki that vzaєmozv'yazku roblyatsya vіdpovіdnі uzagalnennya, visnovki, obґruntovuyutsya rekomendatsії, zdіysnyuєtsya otsіnka'll Economy pіdpriєmstva chi її okremih storіn, viyavlyayutsya nevikoristanі card redundancy gospodarskoї dіyalnostі, priymayutsya vivazhenі upravlіnskі rіshennya. To that very fact, in the lower handman’s handshakes, special respect is given for the methodical identification of the economic indicators, the rose of the economic driver and the mechanism for the evaluation of the results of the agrarian and private donations.