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Accounting region - Sopko V.V.

A.6.1.3. Paperwork

Use the document’s requisites to keep it in order, which can be seen in the automated domain. With the requisite of the first documents, they can be locked in the code.

The provision of the transfer of such documents is as follows: documents for recording: buty zroblenny chornilom, chemical olivtsa, pasta kulkovo pen; from the auxiliary Drukarski machine; by troubles of mechanization and so on., so as to ensure that they are not retuned for an hour, which was installed for archives in archives.

For the storage of documents is not allowed vikoristannya simple olіvtsya. Deacon’s documents should be replenished with a cornel (for example, penniless checks). Change of these documents will establish the Ministry of Finance and the Central Office (National Bank, etc.).

Documents are blocked up and down. It is allowed that the pardon be corrected with cornel; at the same time, the wrong record will be shaded and the correct text will be inscribed. Vidravlennya zvіdchuєtsya by the signature of the individual, scho yogo zrobila.

Deaky documents, such as receipts, payment vimogs, and hand-to-hand documents, are also not allowed to be sent in zagalini. As a rule, a pardon was allowed, the document is annulled and the new one vispisyut new.

Proof of accounting documents - that is the suttva that is legal evidence, so as to ensure proper execution, and through re-registration of data about state facts, evidence and processes; Підтвердженням осіб (by signatures), as a rule, for the recognition of a state-owned fact (operation) and registration of the document; zberigannyam document with the extension of the terminology established by law.

For znuchnosti issued falsely processed details required in the documents for the singing order and the last. Tsey order viznachaє document form.