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Accounting region - Sopko V.V.

A.6.1.8. Inventory as a kind of initial sparingly, I will prove accounting form

A. Understanding

The yak has already been designated as the main priyom (ambition) of the accounting clerk behind the camp and the government of the present facts, the evidence and the processes of the documentation. Prote є so gospodarskі fact, such documentation can not be protected without delay at the time of their wines. I want to take into account the nature of thinking (viparyuvannya, quietly leaning), the psychophysiological authorities of the human body (re-sorting of the same products, the materials, the irregularity of the documents, the May be malicious prazivnikіv.

Through the price of demand for such a reception, a kind of protection from the bi-manifestation of the actual camp of productive forces is mine, however, viral (legal) vidnosin - goiters, licenses and state documents. The price was stuck with the difference between the accounts of the accounting region and the factual manifestation of the above-mentioned state grant. Thus priyom є Іinventarizatsiya (Від лата. Inventar - mine).

Під іннентаризацією розуміють of the manifestation of factual manifestations and I will become gospodarskih interests of private enterprises at the singing moment with a whip of reworking at nature. There is also a rozumіnnya inventory, є higher education institution and not characterize її as a warehouse accounting area.

You should take into account the following: a rewrite of the manifestations of the state donation (lane, little money), a little to get a look at the priyomes - please note the following in the special document (hereinafter) in a special document.

Inventory Descriptor is the first accounting document to arouse.

Dalі vikonuєєє первs first processing of inventory descriptions. Метї meta - preparation of the inventory I will describe to fake accounting work - writing on rakhunki. Accounting processing of inventory descriptions of the polygon at the following such robots: conversion of roztsinki, performance of retail rozrahunkіv, group and kotiruvannya.

Ента Inventory description перев перев перев перев так так так само само само само само само само само само само само само само само само само само само бухгалтер. Similarly, look at the crossover of rosins.

Foldable and complete work є a look at the arithmetic drawings, which can be changed on the basis of the result of the inventory and the preparation of the inventory I will describe before being quoted.