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Accounting region - Sopko V.V.

A.9.4. Vypravlennya pardons at records

Pardons in the records in the regional registers can be directed to the direction of the ways in the following ways: corrective, reversal, and with the help of the supplementary record.

The essence of the corrective way is that I have some reason: correctly write down the text, or re-reshape the number so that you can get a good bullet, you can read a bullet. Potentially write down the correct data. The order with robberies to write wrote “directed” to that person, who robbed like that, and also wrote a letter. All the same, try to do so, if you don’t have to get poured bags (but not visually see accounting processing).

Fidgeting (chervonius record) to start trying, if the bookkeeping is wrongly done, and it’s also scribbled into the records of the palsy character, but since it’s become mechanically summed up. At these huts, the pardon is returned to the warehouses of the pre-paid accounting worm (tobstorno, "minus"), if not the purest blackened, then the bag can be framed.

At that time, if there was a pardon for the records, I’m trying to make sure that I’m in change, then I’ll be afraid to finish the meeting.

At all the viaducts, the direction is maє buti, and there is the power to take place;

Documents, region registers and sounds may be reserved in the time-honored archives. Termin zberigannya to lay down according to the nature of the document and signify the Head archival management of Ukraine.

Viluchennya accounting documents from the archives of a continuous monster can be found in the written letters of the vіdpovіdnyh serіdchikh organіv. When tsyomu on m_sts document put yogo photocopy.