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B.3.3. Region of valuable folders

B.3.3.1. Foundations encourage a region of valuable folders

Valuable documents are worthless documents, which stipulate the right to voluntarily accept the poses, acknowledge the reciprocity of the individual, as it was, and it was the hairline. It’s okay to transfer money to pay income (income) from the viewer’s dividends as a percentage, as well as transferring pennies and other rights, which can be hindered from these documents.

The priests can be but imenno abo the pre'javnik. Imennі, as a rule, don’t send programs. Values ​​of the porters on the pre-present wrapped wіlno. The procedure for the obedience of the paper is regulated by law.

VIP start-ups of health and health - legal person, as a member of your family name and age, take care of the things you need to know how to get out of mind. Some of the best laws in Ukraine include the following priests:

Akcii - do not change the established string of obegu, which will protect the share of the statutory fund of the partnership, confirm the membership in the partnership and the right to participate in the management. Aktsії give the right of the third party owners to gain a part of the allowance from the forensic dividend, as well as to the fate of the distributor mine during the liquidation of the share partnership;

region - to enter the amount of money added by the head of the grocery store and the governing party to the first nomination of the majority of the transmitted bills of the percentage (more);

Skarbnichi zobov'yazannyya Ukrainy - type of valued houses on the predecessor, which can be expanded exceptionally on voluntary ambushes in the middle of the population, to be approved by the hair loss agent to the budget and to give the right to gain fiscal income;

success certificate - a letter to the bank about the deposit of money, the right to deposit the right of the depositor to gain (write the fixed line) deposit and interest;

maynovі privatizatsіynі sertifіkati - zgіdno of them gromadyaninovі Ukraine Power nadaє right vіdkriti deposit in Oschadbank (bezgotіvkovy) rakhunok i pridbati for tsі Costa aktsії whether yakih Reigning of companies chi ob'єkti neruhomostі;

privatization checks - this is the same price as the main, the most important privatization certificates, so that the Ukrainian citizen can see the similar deposit box to the bank;

bills - to insanely insane groshova zobov'yazannya promissory notes to pay back the line to the value of the sum of the banknotes.

Classification of valuable folders is shown in Fig. B.3.1.

Classification of priests

Fig. B.3.1. Classification of priests

The life cycle of valuable folders is shown in fig. B.3.2, and type operation, which should be with the best folders, shown in fig. B.3.3.

Life cycle of valuable folders

Fig. B.3.2.

Operations with valuable folders

Fig. B.3.3. Tipi operations, as well as with valuable folders