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Accounting region - Sopko V.V.

B.3.7. Region of non-material assets

B.3.7.1. Foreign provisions

With non-material assets, it’s possible to improve the wisdom of industrial and intellectual property rights, as well as of the same analogous major rights, as well as being recognized as the property right of a particular company (statehood).

The main characteristic rice of non-material assets is the presence of material and speech (physical) structures, the length of time is trivial, the length of the bosom is due to the kingdom, and the time is unimportantly possible in May.

Prior to the expansion of non-material assets, it is necessary to enforce rights to industrial property rights, copyright, rights to corroborate the earth with the most natural resources, the program for the safe calculation of technology (ПЗОТ), goodwill, good and bad , trademarks, service marks, skinny.

B.3.7.2. Business of non-material assets of the accounting department of the accounting region

An intangible asset is recognized as an asset, as follows:

існури ймірність canceled by Maybutnogo economic vigod pidprimmstvo zavdyaki yogo vikoristannyu, then yogo vartіst mogue can be clearly identified.

At times, as a matter of fact, a non-material asset is not presented, we will give food to the criterion, vitrati, povyazanі from one of the dandies and the other, write off like a vitrati of the great period, by the extension of a kind of stink of boolean health.

So, Vitrati doesn’t have to pay attention to the off-season assets as an intangible asset.

I don’t recognize any intangible asset and I’m imagining myself in a warehouse

vitrati for training personnel;

Vitrati for advertising;

vitrati for the establishment of food production and the preparation of their main dyalnosti (organization vitrati);

internal generations of goodwill;

Vitrati on the day;

Vartіst Vidan.