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Accounting region - Sopko V.V.

B.4.2.2. Pobudova oblast of costs of virological care

B. Visiting of the area of ​​expenses for viral service and service on the above services

Virobnicha dyalnіst widely rooted. All the goods, virobes, the work of the Robot, the services of the servant, the information, the spiritual values ​​are worthless. Navigate the wide range of goods, products, and products at a wide margin: promislovst, state thanks, budgets are skinny.

In the process of the area of ​​virobnitstva costs, as a basis, we should take the characteristic of virobnitality as a suspension property.

Virobnitsto yak ob'єkt oblubu mu doubles character: from one side - the whole process of the process of nature and the forces of nature, and from the other - the new product of the brand. Achieving double understanding of characterization of transformation (transformation) of speech and the forces of nature is a new product of the world, as it is because of the process of transformation (transformation).

On both sides, one needs to recognize the three aspects of working in one area, accounting for one another. The first aspect is schoo bulo vikoristano (expended), like the words of nature; another - scho bulo is prepared (a new product pracі); the third is the process of recreating the speech of the forces of nature in a new product praci (Fig. B.4.5). Three aspects of the process are necessary for us to have technical and technological (natural-speech) and economic (standard) characteristics. Persons are familiar with physical and biological, biological and political power, nature forces and a new product, and others - a great form, a great deal of knowledge, and so on.

Zmіstovna characteristic process virobnitsva yak ob’єkta vivchennyya disciplines "accounting area

Fig. B.4.5. Zmіstovna characteristic process virobnitsva yak ob'єkta vivchennya discipline "accounting area"

Vicoristan at the process of viral education and nature for the creation of a new product prazі form to understand the cost . A penny worth the amount of the cost of a specific product visually understood . Zmіst termіnіv costs and sobіvartіst udnuєєєє в в в понят in understanding зат costs of virobnitztva .

In the minds of marketplace business, spend the most valuable product on the product. Stink є by summing up the vitrocity for the virobnitstvo product;

Type of fixed costs virodvidi ot vіdrіznіti sobvartіst product, so as to have the same vіreznіnі vіdraobrazheni less than ti spend, yakі robat specific Gosodar system: production, workshop, farm, brigade of skinny.

Significance of self-sustainability. Rinkovi vidnosini to recognize the more important value of the indicator of self-sustainability as an economical category. Self-interest is tied up with us by the most economical categories of the economy. All in all, one of the most important tools of statehood. Self-interest is tantamount to all parties to the virology of the government of Lanka. Znizhennya sobvartostі - tse virіshalna umova zbіlshennya nagromadzhennya.

Cost management and social management is an important element in managing state property. The main direct costs of work are: a rundown solution about knowledge of the laws of the world, a view of the value of products, a valuation of the profitability, an opportunity to provide the necessary technical assistance. The food supply is becoming the mainstay of the internal (governing) region.

In addition to the process of virology, I am more likely to see the value of the indicator of self-government in the management of the state grants to give the opportunity to see the value of the function (meta) of the cost of virobnost (Fig. B.4.6).

The price function of the accounting department of the virology industry is that the amount of money spent: what was spent, what was spent, why was it spent, because it went through the process, what was spent on nature. It can be seen from this accounting industry that you can see how much resources and resources were spent on viral resources, their natural and historical parameters, characteristics of the process of transformation (transformation), new characteristics of the new products, and new products . These characteristics may be taken into account in assessing the cost of doing so in the future according to the norms (quotas, the plan is thin).

On osnovі tsіlovoї funktsії oblіku costs virobnitstva mozhna viznachiti osnovnі zavdannya oblіku: Obl_k vikoristannya resursіv for performance - naymenuvannya, yakіst, vartіst, Quantity, vіdpovіdnіst standards vіdhilennya, reasons vіdhilennya, Georeferencing vіdhilennya, Georeferencing vikoristannya, Obl_k finished product pratsі for naymenuvannyam, kіlkostі, Yakostі, vartostі, sobіvartostі; regional process of resource development for a new product on workplaces, teams, workshops, workshops and the most important technological and organizational standards.

The price function of the accounting area of ​​expenses

Fig. B.4.6. The price function of the accounting area of ​​expenses

Vischenaweden є is of principle in the case of incentives for the accounting region and the rozmizhuvannі region of costs for the financial and internal.

The price function may help to correctly identify the subject matter of the accounting area of ​​the expenses of the company, to keep it up to the financial one, to the internal (management) area, and signify the clear reference.