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Accounting region - Sopko V.V.

B.4.3. The area of ​​income (virichka, Vitorga is skinny) and the sign of financial results in operational operations

B.4.3.1. The conceptual basis of incentive to the region income (virichki, Vitorga skinny)

B. Zagalny ambush (viznozhennya income)

From the National and International Standards to the accounting term the term “dohid” means the gross flow (economic) of the economy by the stretch of the periodic period, a kind of winery in the process of sound business. If you want to drink spiritsa zbіlshennyu vlasnogo capital, okrіm zbіlshennya, yak pov'yazane with extraordinary actions, then call it a move, if change is a crib.

Conceptually, the value of gross income is higher, as is the case for the economy of the year, the length of the period in the form of income (income) of the asset is reduced (fig. B.4.3), as it is, the contribution to the budget is 7% higher. (c) BHC, in order to clarify by understanding the need for such operations, as the sale of goods and services (Art. 13), the participation in capital (Art. 26), dividends, business income (Art. 27), and prior income vikoristannya іnі by pіdprimozyamstva assets of this pіdpriimstva (Article 28) that інші (art. 35).

The rule of income for sales is the sale of finished products, the goods are the date of purchase, if:

  • transferred a significant rizik and winery to the city of Volodinnya by purchasing goods;
  • there is no such thing as a decline in supply, as it is tied to volodinny, nor to effective control over the goods sold;
  • can you please vimiryat amount of income;
  • maє vpevnenіst, scho economically vigodi vnaslidok realizatsії nadidyut;
  • may be a significant step in the reliability of the actual factual ochuvany vitrati (Fig. B.4.28).

Revenues are included in the warehouse of the regional process for the principle of the principle of insurance. Get to know someone, if they stink viduvayutsya (and not how much, if you want to deny yourself but to cry out for money), and I’m imagined in the accounting department quietly periodically, before such a stinky thing. In addition, the cost of getting to know about financial results is based on a direct link between them and their revenues.

Analysis of state-owned operations for the sale of finished products

Fig. B.4.28. Analysis of state-owned operations for the sale of finished products, goods, most likely criteria for income

Establishment of the principle of financial inclusion and business hourly income of an element of the region about financial results of such an order (Fig. B.4.29).



We’ve done something that’s different from what’s in the musical period.

They didn’t deceive at the sound period

otrimanі, ale didn’t send


get a good period

income maybutnіh perіodіv

Sound about financial results


Financial Sounds

Fig. B.4.29. Income from financial region and zvіtah pid hour vikoristannya pripustchennya narahuvannya

In order to realize the moment of income for life, it is necessary to know the economical state operation, as well as to deny the income. An extradition to the principle of prevailing over the form over the sale of sales form is possible on the date of the renewal, so until the date of delivery (Fig. B.4.30).

Mozhliv_ dati viznannya income income sale (realizatsii)

Fig. B.4.30. Mozhliv_ dati viznannya income income sale (realizatsii)

All at once, see the income and earn the singing singularity of business. All the nutrition will be examined after classifying income.