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Accounting region - Sopko V.V.

V. Accounting internal control (regional) obl_k (control)

IN 1. Basics encourage accounting internal region

B.1.1. Zagalna pobudova vnutrishnyogospodar region

The Intrashnogospodar region (the so- called management, virological control) is not a self-accounting region. All of this is more productive, but rather to hell away, details of the accounting and financial area in terms of costs and income, as long as all the efficiency of the resources, processing, technological motivation is needed. Tsey obl_k to become commerce and enterprise. The win will be nonsense for a particular business every day due to the nature of the technology, organization of solutions. The main corridors of information from the interior of the Oblast є Kerivniks, hairwigs, hermits, managers. The price is confidential, accounting accounting information.

Otzhe, pobudova accounting internal region based on a financial institution, only those for internal region обл a financial region. Head of the internal regional region - with additional detail and subject-specific specificity, specific costs, and non-scheduled costs. Razіdі vіdhilennya visnachiti, hto buv іnіtsіator іkonomії аbо vinuvatts perevitrat. And it means that in the “orbit” of the internal and regional region, you’ll need to get the data (indicators) for the business plan, as well as the non-plan plan, the normative information.

For the first time, at the end of the internal region, take care of the same technology, marketing and so on. Information, which can be used to optimize the management of expenses, has a faster cost, more revenue, a gain in additional income, or a change in costs.

But the meaning is that, understanding the “internal region” is much wider, it’s just an accounting region. It’s not premature in the country that it’s fallow because it is formulated, such a region is called differently: it is controlled in the English-American system, and the French system has control over it - it is not.

B.1.2. Mutual call between financial and internal regional region

Mіzh vnutrіshnyogospodarskim (v) that financial (f) accounting region є duzhe bagato spіlnogo. Nasampered іdetsya about such characteristics:

  1. ина one system of the primary region;
  2. єdinі principle, encourage the region as a double process;
  3. инеdine profesіyne middle ground and that.

At once, we’ve gotten together with them уже even worse than the baggage of retail outlets, so that these characteristics are met:

  1. koristuvachі: calls (f), internal (c);
  2. obov'yazkovіst vedennya: obov'yazkovy (f), neobov'yazkovy (c);
  3. soundness: povna financial soundness (f), short-term segment soundness (c);
  4. accumulation of internal internal incentives: not to deposit (f), to deposit (c);
  5. freedom to the vibe of the province: suvoro vpidovno to the legislation (f), vilniy vibir (v);
  6. Imagination of the hour: Suvor financial institution history (f), emphasis on Maybutn (c);
  7. accuracy criterion: absolute accuracy (f), possible accuracy (in);
  8. basic structure: theory of doubleness: asset = passive (f), the region behind the centers of secondary (in).

The recognition of business opportunities and accounting between the financial and the internal region and the state can help: if you have one principle, encourage and document the internal region will be a whole autonomous group. The autonomy of these products is great, and the indivisibility of dualities is a must, for example, on two occasions, as well as letting in the very same products, as well as for the latest technology, the need to re-enter the region. Probably the simplest butt. Two bakeries, the first to dezhevu (interrupt) technology, are ready-made, and the other is set-up with uninterrupted preparation. At these factories there will be two separate systems of the internal and regional region, more control over the costs of a single system of immaterialities.

Це вимагає pay attention to officials incite the internal cost region and income.