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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.

Liberal nobility

Look at the liberal nobility on the problems of the people’s gift of the boulevard in the whole warm-up. The stinks pidtrimuvali rosette at the Ukrainian new economic vidnosin. Representatives of the liberal nobility, who gave orders to plant land, spoken to economic reforms, as if they spied the development of capitalist vidnosin. So, the house of old life of Russia of the cob of the 19th century M. M. Speransky, having scrutinized the design of the bourgeoisie’s rivalry, was schooled. Win by setting up food and about the need for reform of the sovereign government in the whole well.

Vidatnaya sovereign and enormous dyach M. S. Mordvinov as a monarchist and in favor, autocracy to promote economic reform. I will explain the economy of the country to Mordvinov by explaining the lack of development of industry * 1. Win_BUV with an eclipse, development of a manufacturing virobnitztva, banknote creation. Mordvinov (Yak Speransky) having outlined the necessary protection policies for Russia. Schopravda, protectionist policy, who mumbled Mordvinov, a super-spine bull. Winning yourself too much because of the need for a high temple to protect the industry and to accept foreign competition and to take care of yourself for the protection of the country.

* 1: {Mordvinov N.S. works. - M., 1945. - S. 218.}

Representatives of the reactionary nobility, as a rule, took steps against the promotion of promiscuity, then Mordvinov without hesitation having glanced at the fact that the transfer of prominence was one of the brains of successful development of the statehood. “Leather, bazhaє good to a resident of Silas,” wrote Vin, “may be more extensive in Ukrainian factories.” Factories for better and more comfortable ... "* 2

* 2: {There by itself, p. 78.}

Design a rebuilding at the state thanksgiving boulevard in the progressive one. So, Speranskiy gostro sued succumbing to it, having paused for the necessary skasuvannya. Ale in the specific recommendations of the first liquidation of the incident, if necessary, take care of precautions, actions. You can, at the thought of Speransky, shkidky ill-conceived dіy, coddle the Sylsky statehood.

Liquidation of wine by dropping the health in two stages. On the first - next to disengage oneself more than the deedy regulation of duties. First, on the other side, the villagers can be called. Land supply vin uzagalі not pushing.

Mordvinov, too, having become an euphoric for the reform of the statehood. Ale yogo advanced turbuvav stan pomishchitskogo statehood, yogo vidstalіst and malopributkovіst, as I explained in the old ways of land cultivation. Krzapatstvo tezh ш with the transition of the Rosvitkov’s pomyschitsky statehood, ale - with another row. Vin vistupaє for saving the earth’s moisture and prosperity needing to help the financial help. Dodge the problem of cropping up, Mordvinov vazhaє for the grave, as a conservatory, hello to enter the village without land.