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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.


7.1. Vitrati virobnitstva, ix of the day and see

Sutnit vitrat virobnitstva that ikh see. Postііnі і zmіnnі vitrati. Shafts, middle and border vitrati.

7.1.1 Sutnit vitrat virobnitstva that ikh see.

In the process of virology, health and vitality resources , most of them are bathed on the markets and their form. Deyakі resources vitrachayutsya, but not paid. For example, water from krinitsі. Won є for bagatokh darun nature. Tom Vitrati - tse is not just Vitrati, but Vitrati resources, which is why you need to fill out the Vartisino form market. For a simplified person, they call vitrates the grocery price of viral resources, and the result of such products is the sale and sale of products.

Існує декілька підходів to see Vitrat virobnitstva.

In the first place, from the point of view of the whole suspension virobnitz vitrati virobnitsyyayutsya on vitrati suspensions and vitrati yogo of the first lanka - pidprimstva. From the position of the suspension virobnitz to the vitrates, the vitrati should be placed, which are the same as the image of the mainstream products.

Vitrati consumer goods for virobnitstvo is an important element of the primary process of the primary lanka and vidtvoryut in personal vitrietal resources for all living resources for virobnitstvo products.

In a different way, on a real business, I immediately have two ways to reach the value of the balance sheet: accounting and economic. In economic cases, I especially appreciate the possibility to save economic vitrati, and in state practice - accounting vitrati. The accounting vitality itself is closed in the laws on the surcharge on the side of property.

At the middle of the year virobnitztva like the category of micro-economy.

When there’s a daily vitality, there’s a little memory, which means that in the economy there’s an increased number of resources and an alternative alternative. As for virobnitstva a specific product vikoristano songs and resources, then it means that it is even immaterial for virobnitstvo yakogos іnshy product. Vitrati in ekonomіtsі pov'yazanі z v_dmovoy vіd vozd vozlivost virobnitsva of alternative goods and services. Otzhe, vitrati, yakі slіd urahovuvati at the time of accepting economical decisions, - then wait for the alternative vitrati, that is alternative to the resource (value) of resources at the time of finding, alternative variance of the congestion. For a short rozumіnny tsogo posledniya slіd to bend to those 2, de the problem of viral fowls is dealt with. Vitrati for payment of resources in a healthier form are often called economic vitrates.

Economy Vitrati - all payments, any kind of liability to be paid for, but also profit, as much as possible to protect the post-source of resources in order to ensure that all kinds of resources are available in alternative countries.

Vihodichi z tsy znoznachennaya category vitrat virobnitstva, as well as economic vitrums, to keep up to microeconomic ravine, although I want no exceptions to pour on it on the side of macroeconomic structures.

It’s permissible, but for a robot, pidpriemstvo won the irrelevant vitorg in the amount of 240,000 UAH. Rosglyanemo pidsumovuvannya rakhunkіv from the point of view of accounting.

Suma zagalny Vitorgu (UAH.)




Vitrati on the material


Vitrati for payment of hired goods


Community services


Zagalni (explicit) vitrati


Accounting Loss


Behind this financial accounting, accounting vitrati will become 130,000 UAH, and an accounting gain - 110,000 UAH. However, the bookkeeping account is not exactly the same as the image of the economy, the result is not in fact implicit vitrati. And it’s stinky to become a part of the main street in the country for resources. Victorist resources (primary and reverse capital, land, land, land and income), assets are implicit, so that interest, annuities, and land are paid.

At zvyazku zim we can see the warehouses of an accounting lodge (figures dovіlnі).

Accounting Loss (UAH)


Spent Percentage


Land rent spent


Spent pay


The amount of time spent for a financial histogram (normal loss)


Zagalny implicit vitrati

> 31,000

Economy Vitrati

> 192,000

Economical sidetrack


Why is a normal profit ут a warehouse of economic vitrates? That’s why the payment is minimal (at our application 10 000 UAH) for the utilization of the payment within the limits of the whole business. The minimum payment is called a normal income, I’ll hold my money to pay my wages, and I’ve won a lot of money in the business of hiring people. The winery town is normal for the weekend of paying functions, by implicit vitrates, a guarantee, by an implicit interest, rent and salary.

To save, you need to pay with vitrates all payments - obviously and implicitly, - so that you can save resources for a specific kind of duty.

Vplati firmi, due to virobnitsvom products and the above-mentioned services, may be but one of the best, but the inside.

Zovnіshnі vitrati constitute a fee to the post-graduates of resources (prazі, syrovini, energy, etc.), but not the power of this enterprise. Ale pіdprimstvo can vikoristovuvati resources, scho belong to yogo moisture.

Victory of a certain resource is tied to the chanting vitrata, it is independent of those to whom it should be located, and the high-quality resources of pidprimstva want not to be paid, but it could be costed. Vihodyachi z logіki ekonomіchno otsialnostі vlasnі resursі tezh pіdkoryayutsya zagolnymi laws of alternativities vikoristannya resursіv.

Vitrati for power and self-sustaining resources є internal vitrates.

Butt. It is permissible that scho peruca, a certain nada пос vіdpovіdnі servants of the population, с an attorney primіshchennі і vіdpovіdnogo ustatkuvannya. I want to go to the business center for vitrati, internal є. Adje Perukar, a victorious young man, underexpendable income, one who has to win a big loan, and a big rent. So, if you pay for the rights of the percussion himself, I won’t wipe the bi out of the way, in order to ensure that there’s no need to pay more money to the owner.

In addition, as it was meant, to maintain an economical vitality, to have a normal way - the minimum payment is necessary for the utilization of talent in the range of given business. As a result of the fact that the winery is not to be reserved, then you need to redistribute your business history, to enter your business you need to pay a fee.

Vihodyachi from the cloister vishche damo kіlkіsne viznachennya vitrat virobnitstva, but otherwise economic vitrates. Economy Vitrati - the sum of the required payments and internal payments, including the remaining and normal income, which is necessary for them to get and utilize the resources within the limits of the direct activity.