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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.

7. Dosvid zastosuvannya neoklassichnyh models in the economy of the krai

The conceptual schools and doctrines of the “economy of the proposition” and the “rational vision” have become one more butt of the effective intrusion of economic theory into the real economy. Particularly clear was manifested in the course of the ongoing economic reforms in the United States of America, which, dearly since the 1980s, have been rumbling since the introduction of self-regulating mechanisms and the division of sovereign regulation.

In the mid 70's pp. it became apparent that the inflation is not an alternative to unemployment, but is more likely to take place because of negative neglect, overturning this characteristic sign. Politics for the most part in the country for an hour now was behind the principle of fighting either from inflation or from unemployment, from the freeze-up price, from the increase in budget deficit and the sovereign borg, from the revision of loans, from the reduction.

Іsche Hayєk kolis wrote scho in situatsії іnflyatsії scho zrostaє, Uryadov Musial vibirati one іz troh mozhlivih shlyahіv ekonomіchnoї polіtiki: prodovzhuvati pіdtrimuvati іnflyatsіyny course Doty, docks nastane Povny not chaos; to establish control over the borrowed and the values, which, hourly, pin the inflation, ale the character of the economy, and zrobit centralized-bricked; Stream the small amount of money, make it easier to grow, to show the imbalance in the economic structure, the birth of the inflation.