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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.


Theme 11. HOUSING

11.1. Homilies yak sub'єkt rinkovih vidnosin

The severity of housekeeping. Functions of housekeeping.

11.1.1. The severity of housekeeping.

In the current civilized countries there is a progressive suspension system to take advantage of the economy. There is a transfer of ownership within the boundaries of the same power of the other economic sectors. One of these sectors є home statehood.

For their sake of interest, they will come to our attention on the side of the sciences, so on the side of the practitioner. I would like to, for the butt, the fact that you need to be so kind as to increase the quality of your special products from the state-owned, high-quality products. With the assertion of commodity trademarks and pluralism of forms of moisture, the role of home government grants in economic development is ever greater. In this way, the urgency of the given problem is identified. At this time, if in Ukraine there is a transition to a market system of state donation, home state thanks to the government, they may have to go to the city in an economical state.

For vivchennya those who are more important are the meaning of the masculine day of understanding "housekeeping . " At the beginning of the first literary period, the term term is recognized. Such a situation did not fit out. Adje in modern cultures is practically not a single understanding, since the term “homemaking” was used. Vinikayut difficulties with the understanding of total living, moisture, profiteering income, income from business. For the remaining “categories of home-giving” category, go back and forth to the interpretation of the category in the UN materials. It is recommended that homekeeping be recognized as “a person of any kind, who is in good faith with all the necessities of life,” so as to know the best wishes of the state. Understanding the "homekeeping" is not at all necessary to understand the concepts of "SIM".

Сім'я - there is a great deal of life, living at once, having a homeland and a budget.

It is up to the UN system of national rahunks to the home state grants to bring in the domestic servants and the population, as well as in the long teams: the long service, the international service, and the regular service In Ukraine, 13.2 million households are registered, as well as an important warehouse sector in the private sector of the country.

The term "homekeeping" was more than a few pretensions to the territory of the state hospital, including members of the homekind, who are not relatives, and the transfer of their property to the community. It is important to acknowledge homekeeping as the main unit of social and biological education, and of social and economic macrostructure.

11.1.2. Functions of housekeeping.

Z'yasuvshshi main zmіst categories of housekeeping, you can go to the list of the functions of housekeeping, tiєї roles, yak stink to look in the economic development of suspension. Persh for everything in the be-yakіy ekonomіtsі home gospodarstva є postochalki resources_v. Vinikaє nutrition, what resources of homemaking can give me home? At Persh chergu - the working force of people, os special practitioner. Kozhen gospodarnik, praciuyuchi on the right to install, as well as viroblyayuschuyu vlasyu production and realizuyuchi її to the market, to bring the power of the country, without concern the resource pratsі.

Pratseyu not be offended by a homemade gift from the resource potential of suspension. The Law of Ukraine “On Vlagency” is subject to the coverage of the bulk of the population of Ukraine. . Zastosovychi mine, which is in a special order, by way of viral goods, the house owner put at the service of the interests of the suspension such an important economic resource, like capital.

In addition to capital gratitude, you can post and spend resources, as well as necessary for organizing suspension virobnitsva. Stink to buy the shares of great industrial corporations and banks, put pennies on the merchandise of the rakhunka, add on to the region.

Giving economical assessment to home statehoods, following the analysis is not only func- tional, so that they’ll be able to look at the suspension, but the total income should be increased.